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Thai Cover Girls @ Asiansweetheart is THE place to go if you like Thai beauties. I just found out she also has a Cover Girl gallery. Various covers (FHM, MAXIM, MARS, LIPS) with gorgeous Thai models.

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  1. Is there anything about Thailand that’s NOT gorgeous?! 🙂

    (well… maybe not its weahter during summer)

  2. cosmos, you have that right. It is hot season right now and it is terrible! Up to 40 celcius in many places. But makes it fun to play with the water during Song Kran, happening this week.

  3. i love beautiful thai women but i am always reminded of the email spam that i got where a seemingly beautiful women had a manly appendage hanging between the legs…

  4. sonnislav, there are many katoeys in Thailand, for sure. That is the Thai word for transexual/transvestite. Some are very beautiful, but they don’t fool Thai people. We can spot them right away. But if you haven’t seen many it is easy to think it is a real woman and then get shocked when you find out it is really a katoey.

    Those two girls in the cover photo are real girls. The one on the left is a model/actress named Kratae. She’s pretty hot right now. Been in several movies and in the gossip magazines. Very sexy. Like in this photo taken of her at the beach without makeup or lighting, but showing a sexy body in a bikini. I haven’t yet put up my collection of her photos but maybe it is time.

    So don’t be afraid to look at beautiful Thai women. Most of them are not katoeys!

  5. I can vouch for what asiansweetheart says. I lived in Thailand for 5 years and absolutely enjoyed the culture and the people — only if all the nations and people were kind and gentle like most Thais I met.

    Let me side track just a little here… While Americans think they are a relatively liberal and “open-minded” people (from outside looking in anyway), it is nothing compared to Thais and their acceptance of gays/lesbians/transexuals. I’d say they are far more accepted and “normalized” than in the United States where they “may” be accepted only major metros.

    Damn it, Thais. Why do you have to make everyone else look bad!?

  6. It is true that gays and lesbians are very “out” here. It has been that way for a long time. Even up-country in small towns a katoey can be open about it. It is fashion for young girls to have close friends who are “Toms” (masculine lesbians). Sometimes they aren’t really lovers, they just act like it in public.

    Is that better? I don’t know. It is just normal here to let people “do their own thing”. Everybody make their own karma.

  7. asiansweetheart…

    It’s better to be recognized and accepted in Thailand than to be looked down and frown upon here in the United States, I’d say… But that’s not to say it’s that way everywhere in the US… I am just impressed with how much Thais are so accepting of katoey

  8. I have the high resolution image of that pic by Maya and I love it. Those models are so georgeous. The other model is Belinda Jenzen who is Norwegian & Thai.

  9. Sometimes it’s hard to find pics of Thai models unless you know their full name. Kratae who is on the left, her full name is Supaksorn Chaimongkol. Belinda Jensen is on the right. I’m having that pic enlarged and put on my wall.

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