Thai Calender Girls

Kamala @

Asiansweetheart scanned some nice Thai Calender Girls from a FHM 2006 wall calendar for us. Go look.

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  1. Like it or not , more and more asian women tend to pursue that “western look”, these thai girls look like they are mixed ethnicity , or have had major plastic surgeries …the only facial feature that would be hard to alter is of course the identifiable asian look ..slanted eyes

  2. Well, the girl in this photo, Kamala, may have had a chin implant. But she didn’t do her nose like many Thai celebs do. She has the little Thai nose that most of the Central (Bangkok) girls have and they don’t like, usually want a long westerner style nose. And lips – most Thai girls have lips like that without any help. Breasts – maybe, maybe not, they aren’t so big.

    The other girls in the collection: Aum, no work on her (she is actually really skinny and without the right photography doesn’t look so great) and she is not mixed. Ploy, ditto, she looks typically Thai. Wiphawan, maybe some face work. Tak, that’s a nose job, but the breasts are real (there are some more revealing photos around that show they are little bit saggy).

    So plastic surgery is popular, and being mixed Thai/Western is really popular. But these girls don’t show much of either, at least not compared to a lot of the other Thai models and actresses.

  3. I have to agree with asiansweetheart’s assessment – I thought these girls looked relatively natural by current Thai model standards (or indeed Asian models in general).

  4. But I did forget one thing. Aum had a nose job. You can’t tell in the photo in this collection. But if you see a profile of her you can see it is a long western looking nose. BTW, she is mixed Thai/Chinese.

  5. Actually I would have guessed Aum had a nose job from her photo here, but she still looks fairly natural overall (especially compared with many current Asian American models).

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