Thai beauty Pattaratida AKA Tangmo

Thai beauty Pattaratida AKA Tangmo

On Beautifulnewsmakers I read about this Thai beauty. Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong, or Tangmo for short (which means Watermelon in Thai), was born on 14 September 1984 in Bangkok. Tangmo is a TV drama actress and a model. She has appeared in magazines as FHM and Priew.

A quick search led me to this wonderful gallery and her MySpace.

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  1. She looks great in her photos. I was crazy about her and collected a lot of pix here. But then recently I saw her on Thai TV in a series that has been on for a couple weeks…ruined it for me. She is much cuter in the photos. And she played a very annoying character in the show.

    I think some girls look better in stills than video. She is one of them.

  2. Of course! I must tell you, I really was nuts about her when I saw her photos in the Thai magazines, so cute and hot.

    I didn’t mean to be impolite in my earlier comment about her. If she reads this I hope she isn’t insulted. I think it was the character that I didn’t like. She played a girl who pretended to be crazy and acted goofy all the time. The character was annoying. I want to see her play a cute sexy character next time.

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