Tearry is a model from London that isn’t afraid to show a little skin. She has portfolios on nearly every model website, and does a good job mixing it up with the styles.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Unsure. Presumably Thai or Cambodian from the name.
Located: London




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  1. I would have said definitely Thai. Great boobs! There is good variety in her photos but some are much better than others.

  2. Well, she says she’s based out of Bangkok (as well as London) so I am also guessing Thai.

    She is a sexy little package alright, and in some photos she looks quite pretty.

    Not completely nude, but close enough at this point;-)

  3. Maybe, but surely this girl cannot be said to be exceptional, no matter what your taste may be – the photography‘s exceptional, but physically, Tearry is just like so many other Thai girls, and her boobs are just like many other girls’ too. Nice certainly, but outstanding? Objectively I don’t think so at all.

  4. In the last picture here (the one from the low angle) her boobs do look better than average, to be sure. Good shape and fine nipples.

    They don’t look as spectacular in the other pics , but they ain’t bad, either. Like a few others, I prefer these over the big fake balloons any day.

  5. I should stress: everyone is entitled to their taste, and if this is what you like, then great! But I just don’t feel she’s unique at all, as some of the comments here suggest.

  6. Seen her before. Liked her then, nothing’s changed.
    Delicious in the last pic, mmmmm @those tasty looking nipples!

  7. I’m the photographer who took the 3rd photo. Thanks for the compliments, Dr. Lee. I can tell you all that Tearry is even more gorgeous in person. She really is perfect, natural and a sweet and wonderful person besides.

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