Taengmo Pattarathida

Taengmo Pattarathida

Thai model and actress Taengmo or Tangmo Pattarathida was voted one of FHM’s sexiest Asian women in the December 2005 edition and was featured on the cover of the Thai Maxim of January 2006.

I found her via Paparazzi Club but you can find more of her at Asian Sweetheart.

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  1. Interesting – comparing her magazine pics with the candid shots on asiansweetheart’s site shows how much the ‘glamour’ makeup adds to these girls.

  2. Yeah gotta agree with JD on this one. With or without makeup this girl is stunning. Good job FHM!

  3. I didn’t say she wasn’t pretty – I think she’s quite cute actually. But it is interesting to see how different she looks. Still, having said that I don’t think she’s anything special by Asian standards – there’s an awful lot of pretty Asian girls who look like this (or better).

    BTW, she still has full makeup on in the candid shots, it just isn’t as ‘glamourous’.

  4. In the photos she is a total hottie. I love her. But when you see her in action like in the TV shows you get to see a lot of bad angles. She is in a new show now and when they film her with the right makeup and lighting she is gorgeous. But then there are some other scenes where she sometimes doesn’t look that great. For one thing, she is really skinny, has the skinniest bird legs, so doesn’t really look good in a short skirt. And another thing, she has a wierd smile, like in that picture above, that’s her best smile.

    Ok, after all that complaining, I still love her. But something strange. Even though she was voted one of Thailand’s sexiest women last year, she’s not in the top 100 sexiest women in the world, according to FHM Thai edition readers.

  5. Ah, yet another name for Tangmo:
    Pattaratida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong

    Thanks for the updates Asian Sweetheart and Candyman!

  6. Yep, she does look gorgeous in these photos. But I maintain that her candid shots show that in reality she’s not really gorgeous per se, but she is a fairly pretty girl with a good face for makeup. But then and again, you could say that about most models!

  7. There’s no doubt that she’s pretty. But what model wouldn’t look much better than they do in person when they have professionals doing their hair, makeup, wardrobe, and photography? I used to think that Tila Nguyen was smoking until I met her in person. She looks totally different in person.

  8. I think Tila actually was cute way back when, but she has long since lost it.

    I do also have to point out once again that in all my photos of Sachiko on her site, she is not wearing any makeup (apart from lipstick), nor have I touched up her photos in any way. How pretty would Tangmo be (or any other model for that matter) under the same conditions?

  9. I agree with you that she was cute back in the day, but now, I don’t know what happened to her. And I prefer natural beauty. I don’t like it when a model requires alot of makeup or their photos heavily touched up.

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