Sung Hi Lee @

 Sung Hi Lee @

She’s the model that got this Asian-Sirens thing started back in the nineties. Sung Hi Lee may not be the hottest model around anymore, but she still is a Legend. So for those of you not familiar with her (shame on you!), or just for nostalgia, check out the 673 photo’s of her at

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  1. Not quite. It means you’re into something you won’t admit too. Like the guys who say they don’t like big tits. 😉

    BTW, nice to finally see the new background!

  2. But dude! I admitted it long time ago, so how can I be in a closet??? I am afraid I am not following you anymore…

    And man, why can’t you just get it into your head that some men really are not into big tits? (You may want to get some professional help there ‘mate… 😉

    PS. And check out the header! We are still wating for the real changes to be done, but the css dude is rather busy… So we decided to implement some easy changes allready.

  3. Actually, the header is what I was referring to.

    You were pretty equivocal about bondage in your pervious comments, but your choice of pic here suggests you are actually pretty enthusiastic. 😉

    And some first hand experience with men who say they don’t like big tits has made me seriously question any man who says this…

  4. I remember being in AWE how freakin hot this girl was. I even watched her painting movie. Anyway, the new logo is really nice! A question, those asians with brown hair, is that colored from black? I see lots of Japanese have brown hair. (might be a really stupid question.)

  5. I still think she’s the best. Just an absolute gorgeous face and she never ages! Actually face wise I’d still say she is the best looking of all Asian (or for that matter all) models. Really good person inside as well.

  6. Robin, it was the first time I saw that photo as well. As far as bondage, I believe there is quite a difference between the bondage you disliked with gag balls and the softer style depicted in this photo.

  7. Nice picture! It is taken from Sunghi’s official site so I guess Misha was the photographer.

    Talking about Misha, does anyone know if she is still involved with the modelsites of Sung Hi, Kaila Yu, etc?

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