Sung Hi Lee in Tripping Forward

I’m sure the true Sung Hi Lee fans have already seen the movie but for those who missed it, I just found the movie trailer of the award winning movie Tripping Forward (2006) with Sung Hi Lee.Synopsis from the official site:

Tripping Forward is an off-beat, edgy comedy about two partying roommates in Hollywood that make the unfortunate mistake of selling drugs to supermodels to make ends meet.

While Ford (Chris Fogleman) struggles with the fact that his only success is in commercials and desperately tries to advance his career as a film actor, Tripp (William Gregory Lee) has given up on music in order to concentrate on drugs and sponging off of Ford.

When they run out of money, the boys must come up with some quick cash in order not to be evicted. Tripp finds the “perfect” solution: selling drugs to supermodels. Ford isn’t keen on the idea but acquiesces in order to pay the bills and so that he can to continue his acting classes with Gwen (Amber Benson), the girl of his dreams.

After a drug deal goes bad, Ford finds himself caught between his drugged-up idiot roommate and a mafia boss hell-bent on castrating him.

Special Appearances by Ed Begley, Jr.(St. Elsewhere, Arrested Development), M.C. Gainey (Sideways, Dukes of Hazzard), Billy Morrison (The Cult, Camp Freddy), Eric Peter-Kaiser (Miracle), Angela Kinsey (The Office), and Sung Hi Lee.

Sung Hi Lee in Tripping Forward

What did you guys think of the movie?

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  1. Never even heard about it and I love Sung Hi but I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the preview T! Happy New Year to all!

  2. Great article. I’ll be sure to check this movie out. Plus I am a huge Sung Hi fan. I just hope her role in the movie is more than just the typical hot Asian martial arts babe. Knowing Hollywood, I doubt it.

  3. Hi. I’m a korean like sung-hi
    I entered here to find about some porn star, and looked this article and those comments.
    I was supprised that many foreign people like sunghi. She doesn’t so popular in korea even her hometown.
    Sorry, My comment maybe doesn’t easy to understand cause I’m not good at english.

  4. Bobby, she might be not that popular anymore in Korea but she definitely was back in the mid nineteens when she was the first Asian model on the cover of Playboy. Can you tell us why she isn’t popular anymore? And what models are most popular these days?

  5. Me confused..So she is still popular or she isn’t? She should be she’s arguably the most gorgeous creature on earth.

  6. This movie has not been released yet in theaters or on video. I asked Sung Hi and her chat recently and she doesn’t know when it will come out.

  7. LawBoy you are correct. She is still a babe, no doubt. But that milk picture is one of the GREAT pics from one of the GREAT babes, of all time.

    Whenever i am down, and doubt there is beauty in this world, that picture makes everything all right.


    Thanks, again, for the new pics, Zam.

  8. I don’t know – she was my favourite many moons ago, but she just doesn’t quite do it for me like she used to anymore. She still looks great in a midriff – and she still knows how to act sexy – but her lower body has kept getting bigger, even though she’s still very trim and fit (I suspect because she actually works out too much). This makes her look less feminine, and relatively speaking her tits look smaller, while at the some time they still look very fake. As I’ve said before, if you’re gonna make ’em fake, make ’em big! Otherwise, keep ’em natural.

  9. “As I’ve said before, if you’re gonna make ’em fake, make ’em big! Otherwise, keep ’em natural.”
    I am so happy to hear this from your mouth Doc! 😉

    Ohw, and I noticed the same with her breasts!

  10. What a marvelous, beautiful goddess. Makes me giddy everytime I have the priviledge of laying my eyes on her perfect flawless body. And I’m serious too. I would have her babies if it was possible.

  11. Sung Hi is the best! I disagree with Dr. Lee about her boobs. I love that she kept them right sized for her body. Too many girls get them way too big for their bodies and it looks bad. She didn’t want them bigger, just reshaped. I think they look perfect! I wish more girls that get implants get them like her.

  12. I agree on the size, hers look fantastic. Besides, big one’s are nice, but eventually you tire of them (take it from me). I’ve dated women with real and implants and either are fine, but I prefer real when it comes down to it. I just see no reason to get implants since I’ve never seen a bad pair. It just comes down to the insecurities of the woman on whether she thinks she needs them in her life. I do agree that if a woman is going to be a professional model or actress, that todays culture is overly obsessed with big boobs that they may need implants in order to get work. The regular women though should avoid getting any work done imho. Besides, the big ones sag as they age and also give them back problems. Give me nice and petite with nice nipples any day.

  13. Problem is, Sung Hi’s are small and fake. If she didn’t want them big, fine – just leave them alone. IMHO, small implants are the worst of both worlds: not big enough to be sexy on the basis of size alone, but still hard and fake. Hard and fake is fine if they’re big (it helps to fight gravity), but it is nothing but a negative when they’re small.

  14. Champagne-glass sized, perky boobs are great! BTW, anyone have pics of the lovely Sung Hi pre-boob job?

  15. I’ve seen one, it’s not nude though, in a bikini. I’ll see if I still have it and try and post it. At one of her chats, someone asked her what size she was pre- boob job. She says she was basically the same cup size, they where just reshaped and perked.

  16. Dr. Lee, I guess we’ll agree to disagree. I think her’s are perfect. Plus they really aren’t that small on her small frame, just right.

  17. The size of her boobs have always been in proportion with her frame….it’s just that they’ve never seemed to have a natural shape to them.

    I wonder if any pre-boob job topless photos of Sunghi exist?

  18. Yeah, there definitely does seem to be some “shrinkage” in that first shot! She still has implants though – her boob job was always her weakest feature IMHO, and now it looks worse than ever. Her lower body has gotten stockier as he’s gotten older too, so apart from those fabulous abs (which are still as outstanding as ever), her body doesn’t look that great any more for my taste.

  19. still wouldnt kick her out of the futon:) but age has caught up with her…and her boobs look mishapened.

  20. yea doc…she looks a tad worn down. too bad, that original milk picture is the bomb. you should pose Sachiko like that or get Adam to do that with one of his hotties 🙂

  21. dazn…she doesnt look as fresh as her younger pix. just my observation. she is still not bad but compare to her younger days..either that or it’s the photographer.

  22. Not as fresh, I agree. We all take the toll, specially with show business lifes.

    But at her age, her libido should be at its prime. And still with wonderful shape and beautiful. Look at the bright side. 🙂

  23. Oh, Why didn’t I fully discover this woman ten years ago? I’m banging my head on the table here!

    I’m in Australia, and I don’t have a visa, so I’m still p-p-patiently waiting for my membership to activate on her website. But it’ll be WORTH the wait!

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