Stripper Linda Tran’s Gallery from Lap

Stripper Linda Tran's Gallery from Lap

More than one year old but still a nice gallery of Linda Tran at Anyone who tried the demo of VirtualGirl2?

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  1. Linda Tran in the “Cloakroom”
    quicktime 22mb

    some caps
    media player classic thumbnail creator doesn’t work with quicktime, used print screen for these


  2. QuickTime Player itself allows you to save screen grabs directly – I’m not sure if this feature requires a Pro licence. But you can get an old version of QuickTime Player which gives you access to all of the QT Pro features without a Pro licence anyway.

  3. Good luck…I’ve heard it’s not as easy as most people wish it were. Like 20 to 30 people standing around waiting for you to PoP so they can go have lunch. Men make a lot less than women too. HBO special I saw just the other night. Bummer. I say go to pattaya and pretend you’re a porn star. 24-7.

  4. You’d have to start by doing gay porn. Lots of it. Once you’ve done about 500 scenes and have proven yourself as someone who can sport wood and pop on command, maybe you have a chance. Also, these days you have to look like a gay bodybuilder. It’s not like the old days when they used regular guys.

    Linda is so hot. Just my type. I miss her too.

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