Strip Monopoly with Kaila Yu

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0 thoughts on “Strip Monopoly with Kaila Yu”

  1. daznlover…this is the R rated version, not the triple X version with the cool insertion and pearl necklace stuff. 🙂

  2. R rated? Are you kidding? That’s more like PG 13!

    Kaila is smoking hot in here. Its been quite a while since I’ve seen her, but she just seems to get better looking and sexier with each time!

  3. Are you kidding, arf? Or did I watch a different video?

    Everything, while funny, seemed too concealed for anything more than PG-13. I suppose there are other videos for actually seeing ALL of Kaila nude.

    Still, its funny. I’ll never look at Monopoly the same way again!

  4. Ok…Ok…how about PG. Is that better. And I’m not going G. Just can’t do it. Sorry. Also…I just can’t stop staring at Irene Fah’s boobs to the left. They’re GRRREAT! 😛

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