Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee

Regular readers will know of my general disappointment with the new generation of US import models, which prompted a challenge from badboy for me to find one I do like. I am very happy to say that I have: Stacey Lee. Why Stacey? Because she is a true professional model (she has a pretty impressive resume), her face doesn’t look ‘plastic’ and is genuinely Asian in appearance, and most importantly she’s darn cute! ;-)As a child she was a national champion table tennis player, and despite all her modelling activities she now works as a civil engineer by day. She also plays piano and gu-zheng (the Chinese version of the zither). Although her web site has many free pictures, it seems she’s trying to save bandwidth so they’re all very small (she certainly isn’t a web model!). Still, like everyone these days she does have a MySpace page. Here’s a few other galleries with decent sized pics I found from around the web:

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  1. Lee, I met Stacy once at a show in San Jose. Not only is she sexy of course, but very nice and very intelligent. An impressive and likeable young lady. 🙂

  2. The bevel was there in the original. I can tell Stacey’s intelligent – that’s one of the reasons I like her! As you probably know I tend to favour girls who are more than just models. Judging from her very sincere and natural smile she looks very nice too. 😉

  3. There’s another model in the second last gallery I point to named “Ms. Flo” who I think is quite cute – at least she has a natural Asian looking face! Anybody know anything else about this one?

  4. Hi Stacey, great to see you here, and great news about your site! As I say in my article about you, you are by far my favourite of the new generation of import models (although in your case you are obviously a true professional model as well).

    Now that you have more bandwidth, will you be able to put up an MP3 of your gu-zheng playing? I really adore the sound of this instrument, and if you go through my other posts you’ll see I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for musicians!

  5. Hi Stacey,

    Quicktime is probably the simplest and cheapest solution – that’s what I use to edit the clips on Sachiko‘s site. I do have to use iMovie for editing DV though – is that what you’re talking about?

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  7. Hmmm, after complimenting Stacey for her natural, Asian look in my article, it looks as though she’s had some surgery (at least a nose job) in these shots. Let’s hope it’s just how she looks in these photos.

    I still voted for her anyway though, as she’s still cute, and she seems like a smart, sweet girl.

  8. ha ha i think it’s the angle that it was shot at…or i know that the photographer who shot them ike to photo edit the skin a lot. But no nose job….I’m terriby scared of needles etc….I don’t even have my ears pierced!!

  9. Yeah, I have since discovered that it was just the makeup/lighting/touch-ups in those particular photos I mentioned that made it look like she’d had a nose job, as I thought might be the case. Stacey certainly is an all-natural girl, as far as I can tell!

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