Squeaky clean in Thailand


Thailand’s sex industry is well known for its go-go bars, freelance pick-up joints and beer gardens. Considering that Thai massage is one of the cornerstones of ‘Thai Wisdom’, (the others being Thai boxing, cooking, and language), it seems only natural that sex and massage would be combined sooner or later.One such example is the soapy massage. Some places offer a soapy massage on an air-mattress – also known as the Bangkok slide, full body massage, B-Course massage, Tora Tora Massage etc., involving lots of suds, full body contact, and titillating interaction.

Many men – and even a few women – consider a soapy the most delightful and erotic couple of hours a person can spend. Full story here.

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  1. It is good clean fun…and you don’t have to fly to Thailand to get it. I treat myself every now and then,Yes it’s sexual…but there’s the added playful dimension that you”ll NEVER get from someone you’re “romantically” involved with.LA is loaded with these places.It’s probably the only good thing about the town.There was this really well-themed place I used to go to in Hollywood.Well priced…cute Korean and Thai babes.I usually ordered the tag team.

  2. um stripes you need to tell me where that place is cuz I’ve lived in LA my entire life and never heard of anyplace that does that and when i move back there from Beijing next month i need to check it out… also hows the ending? 🙂

  3. BRAYKER-I have’nt lived in LA for a coupla’ years now…but the one I went to was on Washington.Kinda’ mid-Wilshirish/K-Town.Warehouses.Suburbanites might feel a tad uncomfortable pulling into the place.My porsche driving plastic surgeon told me about it.I was griping about LA chix & this man…a decent looking fellow with a high income…enlightened me.Clearly he could afford any kind of fun he wished.Was’nt into paying huge sums.A coupla’ hundred bux for an hour of playtime + tip sounded about right to him.I agreed.This was five years ago. I’d give you the exact address…but I was’nt really paying attention to that crucial detail.;->
    Maybe the reason you did’nt notice them is that you were’nt looking for them when you lived there.Different priorities. It’s like a druggie who would know EXACTLY where to go anywhere on earth if she/he needed a fix.Look in the back of LA WEEKLY-if they still publish.Have seen them in that Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey area too.

  4. Yeah too bad about that Orlando thing there JD.Still not a lot of Asians in central/south Florida either.I have a place in Miami.I’m on a different scouting trip when I go there.:->

  5. BTW Brayker…that Hollywood location was on Labrea near near Sunset.Again…I have no exact address.Have’nt been in a coupla’ years.

  6. This is very inspired. Very good for health and clean of course.
    Maybe in some places, we can choose what kind of soap we want to use beginning from ordinary soap until treatment soap.
    Good article.
    And Arf, you can take tenderloin at this part. You will feel it for 90 minutes at minimum and you can use as long as you want.

  7. My last Thai massage was performed by a toothless 80-year-old woman with skin like an alligator suitcase in Cha Am. It was fantastic.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned that the girl is actually porn performer Kitty (Jung).

    BTW, the soapyhosting.com galleries folder is wide open. Enjoy.

  8. I knew I recognized that face.The site you mention- CG is an accurate depiction of the reality.I might also ad-for those of you who live in/near SoCal that Irvine/Costa Mesa is also crawling with these establishments.In OC they usually operate out of upscale apts.I went to one on Spyglass Hill in Newport.Damn place even had ocean views.Oh yeah…the chix were hot.They usually have two sharing the place and rotate them every coupla weeks.

  9. Lucky you CG, you still alive after your last Thai massage.
    But next time don’t take aligator, take komodo which it is bigger.

  10. This sounds like one of the greatest ideas ever. I’m either going to have to find one here in the midwest or go on a much needed vacation and do some sightseeing.

  11. The Soapy feels better…usally you get a soapy and after that you get a full body massage…..Most US cities have places that will provide both….Just look around a little…

  12. looking back at some of these galleries… im beginning to wonder about the whole STD factor… i mean come on these girls rub themselves all over hundreds of nasty scumbags a week who’s to say they aren’t gunna pick something up?

  13. BRAYKER:NOTHING AND NO ONE is 100% safe from STD’s. Given that -I actually feel SAFER dealing with these chix.
    The cool thing about ASIAN cathouses is that she INSISTS on a shower BEFORE you do anything.Think about how sex occurs in your regular life: You meet some chik…you’re turned on by each other…you ask minimal or NO questions related to each others’ sexual history…the minute,day, or night she decides it’s gonna happen-there’s prob ably some alcohol involved.Still feel safe? If you walk into one of these places and DON’T shower-or you claim to have already taken one-you’re gonna get HIDEOUS service if any.It’ll probably begin and end at some crappy massage.SEX is outta’ the question.
    My opinion is that a woman making good money in the sex trade has incentive to keep that THANG clean.It’s her money maker.That “nice girl” in your daily life has “issues” and pre-conditions with sex.The stigma of working the sex trade is somewhat less these days…and so is reporting a BAD EXPERIENCE with some girl.There are many online review sites that let you know what to expect BEFORE you arrive.I try to set my appointment for early in the week.(mon./teus./wed.)..and before lunch.I fiind that psychologically more comfortable.
    I can afford to be a “BIG BALLER” when I’m buying it…but like my Dr. friend I don’t think price and quality of service or visual quality of woman gets better the more you spend.You should be able to find a good experience @ that 200-500USD range.Anywhere over that & you’re probably gonna get some hot chick with all kinda’ issues & negative ‘tude…and the service will be SHITEOUS.In other words WHAT YOU’RE ALREADY GETTING AT HOME.

  14. lol @ stripes… i get where your coming from but you also have to understand thats thats how she earns a living and not say they all do it or will do it but if she gets something from someone she might keep it secret because that would mean the end of that big paycheck that shes counting on… with that said i don’t think i would feel safe with any female anywhere until i know shes been checked… and with that said i think i probably would still go for it considering i agree with your insight on emotional hang-ups of “significant others” i would be able to do things my shy GF would’ve never done or whatever

  15. Of course you’re not a scumbag, we all have fantasies and want to fulfill a few 😉

    There’s the gfs and then there’s the liberal girls. We know it, they know it. 😉

  16. My * to that long winded explanation is that I feel safest with the ASIAN providers.Generally speaking-there’s a practical respect for basic good hygiene and a desire to make the experience actually pleasurable. This is in stark contrast to the trepidation I feel when I deal with White or Black providers.(rarely)The fantasy of some pretty blonde or sista’ showing up to my hotel room gets crushed by my knowledge of the American female psyche.I keep wondering:”What freaky ass bukkake party did she just towel off from to get here?” …”AND she’s throwin’ big ‘tude!”Gimme the pretty Asian babe with the mellow incall location any day.

  17. The health issues referred to here are yet another reason to make it legal. In Australia, sex workers are required to have regular health checks etc. Does the girl you just met in the bar have that? 😉

  18. It’s been in Thailand for years and years. Pretty mechanical, uninspiring, and something to be done at least once.

  19. it been in usa also for years..but it’s not mechanical or uninspiring and it should be done once a week for sure

  20. For God’s sake, I can’t stop looking at the picture at the beginning of this thread. Look at her butt and all the soap covering that naked body! I missed out when I was in Thailand.

  21. is it standard that the masseuse gets naked, or do some wear underwear while doing it? You’d think they’d be scared of brushing their unprotected vaginas against your unprotected penises. Precum and guys that blow easily must be on their minds.

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