Sophie Chin


Sophie Chin is a model from the Black Alley. Normally she shows up in an image search and I can find a bunch of photos, but in this case I could only find the one gallery. Sorry.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand





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0 thoughts on “Sophie Chin”

  1. now HER i like….

    Having her sitting at my front door in the second pic pose would be much better than my mashi maro door mat currently welcoming me home from work…..

  2. Oh how I love the Black Alley girls. She’s absolutely adorable. Her face is pretty and she’s got a fantastic little body on her.

  3. I’m not usually interested in Thai women, but I find her very attractive with a great body. I just wish there wasn’t so much leg-spreading and “pink”-showing (in Sir Wankalot’s links). That’s a big turnoff.

  4. very attractive lady. got everything that works. looks like some things are photo shopped though. checked out some of the links and she looks great with and with out clothes on.

    she has skin that you can trace the alphabet on all day long.

  5. Don’t really like that “Thai” look; especially the mouth. Definitely not my type.

  6. Doc, have you changed your handle to Quantum Force? I read his comment without seeing who it was from, and I thought for sure it was from you!

    I thinks she’s very pretty, and it looks like she has decent curves and definitely some real perkiness.

  7. @Luke72: “kroos I hope you wouldn’t wipe your feet on the rug ;)”

    I might. Do you have some kind of problem with games of erotic footsie??? Don’t knock it until you try it…… 🙂

  8. Is it just me or do I detect a square photoshopped area around her navel area in that 2nd picture? Other than that, I like!

  9. Starting at the top, it is all WOW till the navel. DAMN I hate piercings and tats!

  10. You know there’s just something about this girl…..I can’t place but she has a look that just about draws you in.

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