Skimpy one-piece hits the beaches in Japan?

Japanese swimwear

Japanese swimwear

Japanese swimwear

Japanese swimwear


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0 thoughts on “Skimpy one-piece hits the beaches in Japan?”

  1. I have seen similar if not the same photos posted several times in the past few years so I don’t believe it is a recent phenomenon (or even a current one?).

  2. I saw these same photos quite some time ago. I have been asking ever since where and when these were taken. I want to visit that place.

    I’ve also seen similar photos, from Japan I think (don’t have them on hand to post, sorry), where the girls were wearing equally skimpy suits that were thin white cotton, completely sheer when wet.

  3. Sorry Lee, but I don’t really like them. I think the pink swimsuit in my “Fingal Rocks” set (as well as on my index page) is better.

  4. i’ve seen this series before,… just out of curiosity, the second picture displays a women standing with a cigarette between her fingers,… and she’s holding up a… *correct me if i’m wrong* dildo.

    i’m new to this community.

  5. Damn Sachiko, I was really looking forward to photographing you in one of these! 😉

    And yes, that does look like a dildo in the second shot!

  6. Okay, it is obvious now that the photos are fake, are a few years old and contains some funny elements. I must admit the related photofucker has done a great job!

  7. They are Photoshop jobs. These are very old. I remember seeing them floating around on Usenet in the latter half of the 90’s.

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