Sirens: Sex appeal sells tutors in Hong Kong


Angela Yiu and Stella Cheng spent weeks meeting with fashion stylists and photographers before deciding on the miniskirts and high heels to wear in their promotion campaign. They’re not models peddling perfume or sports cars. They’re English tutors who earn good money helping secondary school students pass Hong Kong’s grueling exams to get into college.

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0 thoughts on “Sirens: Sex appeal sells tutors in Hong Kong”

  1. Yes, it was really weird to see all the huge sign boards all over HK with the pics of these tutors.
    Guys with bleached hair, modern suits, modern eye glasses, jewlery accesories, etc….
    Unfortunatelly most of the tutors shown on those boards are guys.

  2. This is a weird world indeed.
    Then again, if they need tutors for 18+ students, I’m willing to tutor those hong kong hotties. In english, of course. 🙂

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