Shiny Bikinis @

PSP Sabra promotion video with Japanese Idols Aikawa Yuzuki and Yuko Ogura.

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  1. for a second i thought i was watching a lesbian porn, way to go sony.. i wish they would air this on TV channels in USA.

  2. This will NEVER be shown in North America (maybe in Quebec)!!!

    Don’t get me started about how the networks (all heavily influenced by the government which in turn in heavily influenced by the religious freaks) can show all the violence they can find but any type of portrayal of the naked human body is a sin and punished with harsh measures.

    This ad will never air because it shows <GASP!> two females TOUCHING each other! OMG! They must be lesbians! And as we all know here in N.America, being non-straight is against the law (state, biblical, and moral law).

    But…looks like a damn fine game!

  3. p.s. — ain’t it funny how these Asian babes are kind of just a porthole (there’s a pun in there somewhere…) to other issues — and most of them heavy: racism, censorship, religion, politics, real vs. fake tits 😛 etc.

    Just an observation.

  4. do they think that will sell more to have two japanese models touching each other?
    what does that say about the japanese consumer?

  5. I’m thinking the Japanese consumer would be buying up electronic gear even without any advertising — it’s part of their modern culture, just as the American consumer would continue to buy hoards of automobiles sans adverts — it’s what they are all about.

    It’s just that Americans are freakishly conservative about the content in their mainstream media. The country was partially “founded” by the Puritans afterall.

  6. K4K… it’s not illegal to be gay in N. America.

    Anyway, just imagine the traffic accidents if they aired a commercial like this on tv, all those rednecks in their SUVS watching TV while they drive would promptly cruise into a semi-truck.

    And this looks like a photoshoot for print advertisements, which most certainly could be published in the US.

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