Sheree on Maxim Cover

Sheree on Maxim Cover

Happy birthday to sultry Filipina singer Sheree. Here she is in her birthday suit for the cover of this month’s Maxim Philippines.

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  1. Nice.Has a kinda’ Italian thing going with the Pinay thing.Like it.I can only imagine the bitching & moaning by PC COPS in this country if the word JAPS was on the cover of some mag.Definitely one of those “they can say it…we can’t” scenarios.

  2. Funny for Philippine media to hold up the Japanese as prime examples of depravity. I read a survey somewhere that rated Philippinos as the world’s most perverted. Granted, the Japanese have perfected S & M to a high art. Perhaps one reason women love it there is that it gives them the freedom to fully allow & enjoy anything without any limiting guilt: it’s not their fault, they have no control, it’s being done to them, so it’s only the guy who is hentai. Amusing semi-autobiographical movie on the subject is “I Am An S & M Writer”.

  3. Good to see that the “Best Selling Men’s Magazine on Earth” opts to use a derogatory term such as “Japs”.

    Guess the editorial need to make the type fit supercedes cultural slurs. Guess it also shows that there are a lot of dull-minded “men” out there who buy this type of shit.

    All praise the almighty dollar, or yen, whatever those yellow devils use.

  4. Yes K4K, welcome back!

    As for “the most perverted”, that usually equals “the most sexually suppressed”. While I find it hard to believe that Filipinos are the most perverted people in the world, as they are ‘good Christians’ it wouldn’t surprise me if they are a lot more perverted behind closed doors than the much more sexually open Japanese, who seem more perverted from the outside simply because they are so open about it.

  5. seems to me the japanese have more in the open their sexual quarks…havent seen much from phillipines…but i have seen some really weird japanese stuff, like scats, and enema stuff…very strange but yet somehow arousing:)) i love japan:)

    k4k…i look forward to your controversial comments bro.:)

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