Sexy Lee Hyori videoclip

Sexy Lee Hyori videoclip

Video is getting more and more popular on the web, so I figured, let’s link to yet another nice video. You can watch a sexy videoclip of Korean singer Lee Hyori at Idols Unlimited. Or if you would rather look at pictures of her, check out their gallery.

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  1. Where did you find that website? Its full of videos with gorgeous asian girls. I could watch it all day.

    They also have a video for “Canon in D” on the second page of the music video list. For the love of God, that video is awesome! I would kill to be able to be as good as that guy.

  2. Lee Hyori is definitely the sexiest Korean woman around these days. I’ve seen dozens of her photos and other commercials she’s done. She is definitely HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

    But I think the producer of her video should have been shot. The sewer mutant theme comes off as a bit cheesey!

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