Sayuki Matsumoto

Sayuki Matsumoto

Today I found this beautiful picture of 170 cm tall race queen beauty Sayuki Matsumoto. Sayuki was born on 9 December 1985. I think it’s one of her best shots but please check some other pictures of her yourself. What’s your favorite?
Sayuki Matsumoto

Sayuki Matsumoto

Sayuki Matsumoto

Sayuki Matsumoto

Sayuki Matsumoto

Selected links:

Matsumoto Sayuki @ YouTube:
Sabra SUPER extra DVD 51 Sayuki Matsumoto
Sayuki Matsumoto with her spins & punch

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  1. If you look at Japanese art from hundreds of years ago you may see paintings or color drawings of Japanese women whose lips form a perfect, round, red cherry. It looks almost like a graphic. I think this model is well versed in Japanese tradition and is magnifying the cherry mouth shape to bring out the super lips effect. She has great lips but she is also a skilled poser. I am impressed and yes, what is wrong with you Doc? This is a model I would love to shoot!

  2. Don’t forget they have botox in Japan too LawBoy, and I think about half their annual import quota may be here. 😉

    BTW, Adam is very right about the cherry lips thing – they call them ‘kabuki’ lips. Interesting that very few Japanese girls make their lips this way today.

  3. Thx Zam, I definitely liked the cover of Freedom the most. What a great shot of Sayuki!

    Would be great if someone can find this serie of her!

  4. I must be an idiot for starting off with this:
    Botox would force the msucles to relax and doing the actual lip itself would be bad, the smile line area around the lip is fine. Most likely they would get colligen injections or their acutal own fat taken from other unwanted areas. No I can’t spell and I don’t care.

    With that said, I like, I like very much!

  5. i think i meant colagen…doc help with the spelling here..botox get rids of wrinkles…collagen makes lips puffy..she is so yummy…:)

  6. It’s collagen. And that is of course what I was actually referring to in my flippant comment above.

    What bigstusexy says is absolutely true, although these days people often use ‘botox’ as a general term for facial injections, just as they often use ‘silicone’ for breast implants, even though most of them are actually saline. As Asian Sirens’ resident doctor, I probably should have clarified this. 😉

  7. Damn, Zam’s link has some of the most outrageous spyware I’ve come across (I’m just assuming it’s spyware, as luckily this stuff doesn’t run on a Mac!).

    And Zam, please update your email address in your profile – your old one no longer works.

  8. What can I say that hasn’t been said already? One word sums it up for me: luscious. Now I’ll be spending the next few days finding as many pics as I can of her.

  9. Ah yes Doc, now I remember. Kabuki or “Noh” play acting I think it is in Japanese? Help us out here Sachiko. I met a top Noh actress in Japan, backstage at a big Kabuki theatre and she had the full Kabuki war paint makeup on. Her whole face was white except for these red hot, little, pouting, cherry lips peeking out. I rememeber I convinceed her to step out into the night through the backstage door and let me shoot some flash shots in the dark of just her face. Then she ran back in to perform and I never saw her again. Very spooky and haunting pictures. No one does lips like they do in Japan!

  10. Very nice shape. Thanks to the name and the impressive cleavage, she reminds me of Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach (showing my otaku colours again). Those Eclipse photos have a lot of personality too.

    The outfit she’s wearing in this clip is outrageous.

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