Satomi Tsubaki


Satomi Tsubaki is a gravure idol. She’s a great example of why I appreciate eyeliner on women. She has great eyes, and the eyeliner clearly helps bring them out. I can’t understand why some people dislike makeup, but then I don’t see why anyone thinks Paz Vega is attractive and she was rated the 20th most desirable woman on AskMen so…Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan










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  1. beautiful girl, first picture caught my eyes. not really feeling the leopard print setup though. nice breast size, but doesn’t seem like her butt fills out. overall score: 8/10

    it’s her eyes in photo 7 that does it! nice upload.

  2. I don’t think most men hate makeup. They just hate when its caked on.

    Satomi is very cute. I like the way her thong peeks out of her skirt. And yes, her eyes are spectacular.

  3. I think most men don’t like it when makeup is used to the point of completely changing a girl’s appearance (not just enhancing it) – after all, it has to come off at bed time . 🙂 It’s similar to excessive Photoshopping.

    Interestingly, I prefer tattooed makeup to normal makeup, as it becomes a permanent part of how a girl’s face looks – so she’ll still look the same when we go to bed. 🙂

  4. Cute, i like her a lot. I personally prefer makeup on a girl, it makes pretty women beautiful and cute women pretty, especially if I’m just looking at them and not going to bed with them.

  5. Very cute. I like her look a lot. Love the fact that she doesn’t have a lot of makeup..very natural..

  6. wow! she IS cute! even with the leopard skin stuff. Kudos to the photographer for arranging the main stripes of the skirt to line up with the wall (roller door?).
    Nice find Mr Stroup.
    Care to share the love for her sucez?

  7. Selling the house, car, wife and kids; moving to Japan!

    Unlike many of the Japanese ladies featured her, I find her not only cute but also sexy.

    I wish she’d show more skin.:-(

  8. @Doc: tattoed makeup… You really know stuff, you wicked man. 🙂

    Satomi is hot for me, nice figure, like the pic with her standing, some hot legs. And of course the breasts.

    Travis what’s wrong with Paz Vega? Have you seen Spanglish? She’s all lovely and stuff. Wanna bring her home and… take care of her. 😉

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