Sarah @

Sarah @

Sarah is 3/4 Thai en 1/4 American. She has been a model since she was fourteen. Check out ten photos at

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  1. She’s got a nice little body. But I think there’s something wrong with her panties… oh, they’re not in my mouth! Haha!

  2. That comment was too crude FlipnIrish, and some of your other comments have been borderline. Please make sure you comply with our posting guidelines.

  3. Very pretty.She’s got that “surfer chik” vibe workin’.Kinda’ Roxy…kinda’ BeBe.She’s probably annoyed at explaining that her lips ARE NOT implants.

  4. i think she has a great body but for some reason, which i don’t understand myself, i don’t find her face all that appealing

  5. one comment…they should do some airbrushing with her armpits..would made the pix so much better.

  6. Slim, shapely, pretty, natural looking boobs — what’s not too like? Anyone know her last name. I couldn’t find any more pics of her on the web.

  7. Sorry Doc! I don’t mean to be offensive, my humor is just kinda like that sometimes… most of the time actually. I’ll watch myself in the future. Thanks for letting me know, though… really! 🙂

  8. That’s okay – it is clear to me that your comment was an innocent mistake, but of course, I have to make sure you don’t do it again. 😉

  9. What do you mean 1/4 American? Do you mean she is 1/4 Chinese or 1/4 Irish or 1/4 Viet or 1/4 German. Add all those up and that makes you an American if you are born in the US. There are too many races in America that are American. Please clarify.

  10. Very hot, pretty face, I wonder if her eyes are really green. Sexy body, nice stomach and her lips are wonderful. Finally, her brown skin, that’s a hot thai style also.

  11. I agree that Thamika Morais is very hot as well Luke72, but I prefer Sarah over her.

    My Huong and Aom are just ok.

    Great links.

  12. Love that slim n natural bod. Sensual lips a la Michelle Malkin…another fav (heavy sigh).

  13. I like her body a lot, but can’t get too excited over her face. Not quite sure what it is about her face, but its not doing it for me.

  14. How come everytime I feature a model from Adversus, peopls start to mention the other models there?! Doc, do something about it! 😉
    (Cuz I want to post every asian model separately!)

  15. Sarah has quite a core! It is too bad that the otherwise sensitive and tasteful styling falls apart around the eyes, as it does for some of the other models. There’s distractingly fake-looking light contacts on Sarah, and unflattering blue smudges above the eyes of Thamika, My Huong, & Aom. But compare the restraint of the same stylists in their treatment of Emma and the previously featured Linh. These girls come across as sweet and pretty without a hint of pretense.

  16. her lips are sexy thats for sure…i find that shes more better to look at when shes not looking directly at the camera…

    maybe she can look better after a few more photoshoots and lil bit more photoshop? lols

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