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A great Sanny Aung gallery by Greg Hadel on Sanny came out from Atlanta to shoot with 24MS. Born in Cambodia, Sanny led a very strict upbringing growing up in the U.S. But as she came of age, she became a fan of modeling and enjoyed expressing herself in front of the camera.Some facts:

Location: Atlanta, GA
Date of birth: 1977-08-11
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese/Cambodian
Height: 5′ 1″ / 155 cm
Weight: 98 lbs / 44 kg
Measurements: 34B-24-33 / 86B-61-84
Hair: Red/Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown

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  1. For a limited time, you can see Sanny in the Women of Perfection site for free. The images were shot in January when she came down to my studio here in Southern California.

    I’ll probably get some more images up this week as I get more request for her.

    Oh, and you’ll find a few more Asian models in the members section that you may want to check out.


  2. She’s got a beautiful face, but I think her body it a bit too plastic for my tastes. Maybe if she had a more natural hair color.

  3. She obviously did have a boob job. She has a bad scar under her left breast… perhaps complications or infection but it is not healed as well as the right. You can see this from below in several of her pics.

    I am in the natural is better camp. Linda Tran is natural and gorgeous. I wish other young asian girls would feel comfortable to forego butchering themselves.

    they are already the most lovely women in the world. they needn’t feel otherwise and certainly needn’t look like a bleached blonde, silcon pumped up, airbrushed bimbo. I think (hope) Hugh Hefner is the only one left that likes that look.

  4. Yep, she is augmented. A guy I know has done retouches with PS on some of her sets before release. It’s a shame to spend that cash to build defaced mountains out of perfectly beautiful hills. The blonde look (almost like the Japanese Kogal style) and breast enlargement by Asian models is getting a bit overboard.

    Others, Like Francine, have done it. I have found from working the Asian Niche that most surfers pick up on Asian women for their demure petite looks and silken dark hair. It’s a shame some of these already beautiful women have to do these things.

    Da Ole Guy – ALOTI

  5. I agree with redlaw, natural is better. I still don’t know why these girls still want a boob job.

  6. Well I think she’s gorgeous whichever way she shows herself to us. I love her body and she recently has gone back to her natural hair color so she does look more like her natural self…in that sense.

  7. I have been in love with Asian chicks for a while now. I started collecting pics and attending shows since 2004. I hate it when I see a model that is a favorite of mine ruin her body with breast implants, but there isn’t anything I can do to stop them.

    I feel that the reason that they get implants is to appeal to a mainstream audience to make money. I’d rather have them stay all natural, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

    So to the true admirers of Asian women out there, do you prefer them to stay all natural or with huge fake boobies?

  8. I prefer them to stay natural. They are talked into getting implants mostly by photographers who tell them they will make more money. That is what they usually tell me when I talk to them or work with them.

  9. Quote: I prefer them to stay natural. They are talked into getting implants mostly by photographers who tell them they will make more money. That is what they usually tell me when I talk to them or work with them. End Quote.

    I hear ya. Then they have to cough up more money to have the images retouched. I only know one Asian model that had augmentation done that is completely perfect. She did it to better proportion her hips to her bust and didn’t go overboard. It wasn’t cheap either. BTW, don’t ask me who. She is a friend.

    Da Ole Guy – ALOTI

  10. As everybody knows I like a good boob job, but I agree this certainly isn’t a good one. Natural definitely is better than a bad boob job, but for me a good boob job is better still. 😉

  11. Again, I’m with the Dr. This isn’t a great job – but I’ve seen much worse. They should update their facts – she’s certainly not a B cup anymore.

    I’d rather see the hair stay dark – some streaks (again a good job) can be very sexy. But she can get rid of the blonde real fast.

  12. She looks alright with clothes on, but she looks silly when I see pics of her with one nipple going in one direction and the other nipple going in another direction. And she would look better if she stopped dyeing her hair.

  13. It is criminal what that plastic surgeon did to her chest. And what a pity these women do not have enough sense to stay natural. Beauty ruined.

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