Samsung Miniskirt


The Samsung Miniskirt was released in May 2007 in Korea. The Samsung SCH C220 (a.k.a. SPH C2200, SPH C2250) is nicknamed the “miniskirt” in part for the hint of the sliding keypad underneath and it’s deliberately ‘feminine’ design.

But whatever! We just want to look at the models! 😉





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  1. My observations…

    1. Except for the last pic, all the models are sporting dresses.

    2. As there is a tendency for people to call their phone by its brand name, “Hey Bob hand me my Razor”, there is no frakin’ way I am gonna say, “Hey Bob, hand me my Miniskirt”.

    3. Perhaps they should market to Katoeys.

    4. What is next, The Samsung “Corset” with the tag line; “The phone that is tied to you…”?

  2. To the above comment: hehehe.

    I love samsung, and Talk Play Love is a really good advertisement because the song rocks! Also, yeah, the models, they’re Korean, I gotta love em. Girl in second picture is the best though, too she’s not in focus.

  3. Oh, i meant third… I didn’t consider the cover picture, sorry. Also, the song TPL is by Anyband, consisting of BoA, Tablo, among others. Anyband … Anycall … clever?

  4. The main model in the poster and wearing the 60’s style fashion is Jeon Ji-hyun, who also uses the English name Jianna Jun.
    Here’s the commercial (or “CF”, as they’re called in Korea) for this one.
    Ji-hyun’s done more CFs than any other female celeb in Korea and I’m sure you can see why.

  5. What’s next…a phone named the G-String? Ooh ooh, and I love the 2nd and 4th shot of, I’m guessing her name is Jeon Ji-hyun. She’s like YUM!

  6. I would utilize the mirror finish by attaching one to the toe of my shoe to look up their miniskirts… hahaha! Villainous!

  7. I do believe I would become a ravenous animal if I saw that girl in the 2nd and 4th pictures above in real life. She’s just so hot!

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