Sachiko Interviewed by Asian Sex Gazette

Sachiko McLean

The web hostess of Asian Sirens Sachiko McLean has just been interviewed by another regular Asian Sirens contributor (William Sparrow) for his Asian sex news site Asian Sex Gazette. As you can imagine from one of Bill’s interviews, he explores a more ‘sexy’ angle to Sachiko than you’ll normally read about. You can read Sachiko’s ASG interview (including pics) here.

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  1. That site is hysterical, I love reading the letters that guy gets – the nutters who think that he is the real Whitehouse, or the horrified republicans who call for his head. Good stuff…

    This anti-masturbation piece was in response to the interview?

  2. Wow, what a poor decision for this otherwise attractive lady to get a boob job. And so big! Why ruin a beautiful, petite, Asian body with big round spheres of silicon.

    It is too bad western society says that bigger is always better.

    This is something that I never will understand. They should be proud of their slim, petite bodies. That is what makes them unique!

  3. I third that opinion. Big tits on a small, petite woman period is stunning, but the contrast on Asian women (who supposedly do not normally have big ones) is especially so.

  4. I get to see both sides of the coin. My Asian girlfriend has large all-natural breasts (36DD or something around that) and she’s 5’0 110lbs — small and big at the same time! 😛 (She would probably be 100lbs if she had small tits.)

    Her sister (oh come on! like you’ve never thought about it! ha!) on the other hand is 5’3 and around 100lbs with small tits (34A maybe) — petite and perky! 😛

    (For reference Kobe Tai is 5’3 90lbs with a 32?? chest)

    Both are lovely ladies, differently endowed but equally yummy! 🙂 I do have to say though, I am glad I got the “bigger” sister! 😛 ha!

    Too much information???

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