Rowena @

Rowena @

Rowena (Thai) was mentioned before in the Anya post, but after all the positive comments she got I guess she deserved her own entry.

Check the comments from the previous post for some free photos brought to you by Zamscan.

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  1. I can’t believe she hasn’t done another photoset with W4B by now as she only has just that one set which is a shame because she looks better than Anya. It would be nice if W4B had more than 3 Asian models, but oh well. I guess it’s because members mainly want to see babes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia as models from that region are their most popular.

    And it would be nice if sites like W4B who do great work would stop using Asian models who were less than average looking.

  2. SPECTACULAR body.Tranny face.I’m still diggin’ it.Dammit Candyman.I was all set to give Rowena unconditional love…but your first 2 links have her juxtaposed to NANCY HO…for whom I would swim all the way to Thailand for the the chance to…

  3. Indeed she has.I thought that was an American White girl attention whore thing.Pity.You know what they say …the psycho ones are no-holds/holes barred in private.I’ll accept Nat Chanapa as a consolation prize if Nancy has to take a time-out for therapy.

  4. I didn’t notice it either until someone else mentioned it. Then I looked at some earlier pics and you could see the slash marks on her forearm. I wish I knew why she was cutting herself. I hope it’s not over some douche. Right now here is a gallery where her arm is conveniently covered. If you do a search on Asian Thumbs, you can see more photos of her left arm either covered or obstructed.

  5. Cutting is a way to manage out-of-control feelings, not unlike drug abuse or compulsive sexual behavior. It’s often the result of a chaotic life or being abused sexually or physically.

  6. If there’s ANYTHING that should’ve come outta’ the post WWII sexual revolution it’s that women can be comfortable being sexual.Sadly many women have decided that acting out on their worst impulses…and projecting it onto their sex lives is the route to go.I speak of women who HAVE NOT BEEN ABUSED.I think a lot of women who have lived reasonably normal lives go looking for drama.Pity.

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