Roley Chiu shoots Dannie Riel

I have posted about Vancouver based photographer Roley Chiu a couple of times before. His work always got a lot of positive reactions from our readers.

While searching for some recent work of Roley I was surprised to see he is having some issues with his career. Not sure what to make of it, but all I want to say is: Roley, you are a damn fine photographer, so please get your ass back to the studio and start shooting those Asian hotties again! 😉 To illustrate my words I found the above clip on YouTube from a Roley shoot. Model: Dannie Riel (French/Chinese).


More Dannie Riel:

More Roley Chiu:

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  1. Haha… by now you guys must think I’m full o’ BS (and I don’t mean Bachelor’s Degree… haha!). Would you believe that I have a Cambodian friend would looks very much like this sweet thang. SoCal… I love living here… (sobs quietly)… haha!

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