RIP Felicia Tang


Today has been a sad day for model news. In the comments thread of the Annie Chui post below, we learned that she passed away a few years ago in a car accident. Now we learn that Felicia Tang, one of the most popular online models of all time, was killed today by her boyfriend in their home. The world is now a less beautiful place than it was yesterday.

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  1. Just a horrible incident:
    “She had been beaten and suffocated, detectives said. Her boyfriend…was charged with torture and murder on Wednesday.”


  2. I was shocked this morning when I read the news, I am glad that AS has done a farewell tribute to Felicia. She truly was a gem.

  3. I am truly saddened by the loss of woman of such inner and outer beauty. During my deployment overseas, watching her webcasts on her personal site was one of my greatest thrills. She will be missed!

  4. I’m shocked and saddened. She was always one of my favorites and I believe she really stood apart from the other models. Rest in peace Felicia.

  5. Hot chick sleeping with 45 year old guy. Cool. How did they get her DMV photo? I thought that was not released to the public. Interesting.

  6. This is indeed an unfortunate loss: she was certainly one of the better Asian American models IMHO.

    Still, I have to ask this: why is it that models and actresses so often end up with the kind of guy who does this kind of thing? If she was smarter in her choice of men, she’d still be alive. When I read these stories, the first thing I think is “how could she have been so stupid to be with a guy like him?”.

  7. In this case, Doc, he was a 45 year old with no history of domestic violence. That’s not usually the profile when you hear these kinds of stories, so – without having seen this person for myself – I am inclined to believe that in this case it was indeed more strange and tragic than similar cases.

  8. It is not surprising that the suspect of the torture and murder is an “ex-preacher” who “holds a bachelor’s degree from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and a master’s of divinity degree from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.”

    There are (and really always has been) such strong anti-sex strains in Christianity (not to mention the other major religious traditions), especially the fundamentalist branch that this guy hails from. The resulting misogyny, guilt about sex and fear of sexual feelings, dread of female seductive power. etc. is behind so much violence against women. I do not want to jump to conclusions as I have only read these few short news pieces, but you have to wonder.

    Sick and sad.

    She was a very pretty woman.

  9. I think you’ve nailed it knarf – the guy was probably trying to “exorcise the demons” of her previous adult work. There was another one who commited suicide a while back (which we wrote about here – her name escapes me right now) who was married to a conservative Christian – I suspect she couldn’t handle the guilt that was thrust upon her for her past adult work. How long will it be before people realise how evil religion is, and how good, natural and healthy sex is? There just isn’t any logical or scientific basis for society’s stigma toward sex.

  10. My friend was the one who informed me about this incident. Yellow fever gone bad? I think he was taking the piss at me for dating white men.

  11. I met Felicia Tang at the first Asian Sirens Expo in 2000. I saw her at two other shows the following year. I can’t believe she’s gone. RIP.

  12. Stupid, absurd and a waste. What kind of idiot does such a thing to another person, especially someone who one (assumedly) loved at one point?

    What the hell is going on?

    Dudes, if you’re ever hanging out with guys, and they talk cool about how tough they are with their girls, say something to the fuckers. Let them know how uncool violence is against women – even in the smallest amounts. Let them know how stupid they are, even for talking about it. It’s time for men to behave like civilized beings and stop this shit once and for all.

    Poor Felicia. She was one of my long-time favorites. R.I.P. She of all people didn’t deserve such an end.

  13. man this is so sad, she was indeed my favorite….and she quit when she was in her prime modeling career, she could of gone longer…but man…i cant believe shes gone and we wont see more of her….my respect and condolences goes out to her and her family….

    i dont know her but she definitely didnt deserve this….what a tragedy to hit the asian model world……

  14. Such a beautiful being, along with Anne Le…Taken away forever. Death is such a diffucult thing to think about, because it’s permanent and can happen so easily.

  15. I’ll never understand this kind of thing. Even if this guy had no history of violence (which could mean only that he’s never been arrested for it), you would think there would have to have been some kind of tip off as to hsi true character. I can only assume it didn’t manifest itself until she was already involved, but who really knows. Or perhaps she didn’t feel worthy of someone better. (Armchair psychology, I know – which is why I said perhaps).

    Although I’m an atheist, I’m not willing to blame Christianity for this one. Lots of non-religious wackos out there as well.

    As for the Annie Le case, another sad and horrifying incident. If I may, though – without making light of this tragedy- the amount of coverage by the national news media rivals that usually reserved for white (preferably blond) upper-middle-class girls. I’m not sure if that’s the kind of equality Asians should desire.

  16. @ Dr Lee. IMHO attraction is less about choice than we think. The reason why beautiful women (or women in general) are attracted to tough and sometimes dangerous guys is because they show all the alpha male traits that women (unconsciously) find attractive. Men are very logical beings so it is natural for us to question why a beautiful woman dates a complete asshole. Women on the other hand (IMO) act on their emotions.

    What is sad here is the possibility that the alleged perp of this crime wasn’t a true alpha as he possibly reacted on his emotions thus ending the life of Felicia. All this is just speculation though. I guess we will know after the court case.

  17. We still don’t know all the details yet as to why she was murdered. Plus I doubt religion had anything to do with it. I don’t think you would exorcise someone’s demons by beating and suffocating them. I know you guys want to blame religion, but religion is not the problem, the problem is people who may use religion for their own agendas.

    In hindsight you could say she should have chose someone else to be with, but how is she going to know that he is capable of murder with no criminal history? So my thinking is that they had an argument, he snapped and proceeded to beat and strangle her. But don’t worry, we’ll find all the details out soon.

  18. Wow this is a bad week or so to be a pretty asian girl. In LA yesterday a really beautiful Viet woman named Thuy Le (may have the name wrong) was arrested for stabbing herself and her two kids. Her pic was in the paper and she looked truly beautiful. How sad.

    Felicia Tang was an old fave, so I’m really sorry to hear about the news. Candyman, you’re right on. Religion isn’t the reason, chances are it was something that got out of hand, but noone will know until the final info is out.

    Anyone who’s dated asian women and is non asian knows there are a lot of subtexts and issues underneath that both sides have to deal with. Also, the best physical relationships are always the ones with the most volatile nature. My wife and I rarely argue while my ex and I fought if we were in a room for an hour together, the levels and types of chemistry between us were completely different. I’m not condoning in any way, just making a note that it’s likely a crime of passion not a crime of religion.

  19. btw, it amazes me how many agnostic/athiests are on this site. Don’t get me wrong, I support your right to believe what you want, but for me I don’t see how anyone can look at the staggeringly lovely creatures that are presented here every day and not thank some sort of God for giving them to us. Also, belief in God is completely different from Religion. I have not the slightest interest in religion.

  20. Felicia was truly one of a kind and didn’t deserve such a terrible ending. She was so beaten up, the cops define it as torture. That is no way to go.

    Human cruelty never ceases to amaze me. Religion, love, anger, nothing justifies such brutal crimes against helpless victims. Accidents happen, brutal crimes are the work of sick people.

    RIP, Felicia.

  21. slackerking: Agnostics believe in the possibility of a higher power – so we aren’t necessarily denying that their may be a “God” who created such lovely creatures. 😉

    That said, Felicia was a beautiful woman and I find it tragic and shocking whenever I hear about situations such as this. How can you possibly hurt someone you love?! How can you possibly kill someone you love?! Sickening. 🙁

    RIP Felicia

  22. Gahh… I hate when I screw up grammar (where’s the Edit functionality on this site?! hehe)…

    their = there

  23. @Candyman: there have been several violent murders that have resulted from fundamentalists performing exorcisms – indeed, it has even been successfully used as a defence in US courts! I’m not necessarily saying he was doing an exorcism, but his violence may have sprung from this mentality.

    @slackerking: there is no logical basis to thank a God for the beauty of women. We are biologically programmed to feel this way, so we reproduce.

  24. All these beautiful women getting killed.

    How about Annie Le?

    They stuffed her in the wall like insulation foam. 🙁

  25. All I am saying is that we should wait and find out the motive instead of speculating because we still don’t know why yet. Maybe the motive was religious, maybe he just snapped, who knows. We won’t know until the police finish investigating.

    I just have a problem with you guys being quick to blame religion when the blame solely lies in this man’s actions. It’s possible that he might use religion to justify his actions, but he’s the one to blame.

  26. This was obviously not a matter of a psychologically healthy guy who “just snapped.” The taboos against torture and murder are strong, so it takes some powerful, deep forces for someone to do this sort of thing. And of course social scientists have know for centuries that human beings, female or male, or not basically logical creatures. Despite what you might think, most of what you do is not guided by rational choice.

    If religion did have something to do with it, I think the most likely/common scenario for this sort of thing is: The guy is taught through religious instruction to think that sex is dirty/bad/evil/of the devil. New Testament: “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Etc. It is commonly thought that woman, as seductress, uses her sexual wiles to lead men to evil. In the Old Testament the “temptress” Delilah led Sampson to his downfall. And Jezebel–the very name has come to mean immoral woman. This idea of woman leading man astray/ toward evil goes way back to the story of Eve prevailing on Adam to eat the fruit in the Garden of Eden. Of course someone like Felicia Tang being seen as a temptress is no leap. But at the same time the guy is human, he is biologically driven toward a beautiful woman like FT. But the ambivalence of the situtation is obvious: his body tells him yes, yes, while his religious beliefs tell him no, no. And equally if not more powerful than the negative feelings he might have toward her because of all this is a self-loathing. He hates himself for being so attracted to this evil force. So he blames her and then destoys her.

    Of course this is all speculation in this case. But it happens. It fits with his background, especially in relation to a beautiful woman who made a living on her sexuality. It is a scenario, the possibility of which both the religious and areligious must acknowledge.

  27. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade (no pun intended) but I come here to stroke it (just like 99.9999999999% of the visitors who visit this site). Enough of all of this melodrama.

  28. I largely agree with your general sentiment, senorwences. But that does not mean that we cannot also use our brains–and this ain’t no strokin post.

  29. @Candyman: while it is certainly wise to wait for more information, from what we know already, it seems clear that this is not a case of somebody just snapping. If it was just a single gun shot or something like that, yes, but not torture. No way.

    This guy probably has form that was covered up by his church – once again, a guy doesn’t just torture and murder his wife out of the blue.

  30. I encourage everyone to load up some of Felicias pics/vids and have a wank as a mark of respect to her fine (body) of work. She was quite a babe, so show you care and cum for Felicia Tang.

  31. Maybe this guy should be tortured for a very long time. Help him realize exactly what he has done. And then get a rope. 😐

  32. @Dr. Lee: I know he’s been charged with torture, the news reports just say that she was beaten and strangled. I don’t want to speculate until I see that yes she was actually tortured.

    Assuming that she was tortured, then it wouldn’t be a case of someone just snapping and could likely be motivated by religious beliefs. Maybe he thought she was some wholesome girl then later on found out her past. Who knows.

    I’ll comment more once all the details are out.

  33. Okay you guys are going way overboard here with the speculation. If you actually read the articles regarding her death in the media (she lived only a few miles from me so it’s in all the local papers) you would find that the charge of torture stems from the fact that she was beaten and strangled. There is no mention or indication that the torture was the of the nature everyone is jumping to conclusions about. The information available gives every indication that this was a crime of passion. Likely something set him off and over the edge and he went off the rails. Having been in some pretty wild relationships with asian women, I can say that this isn’t uncommon not that I condone any type of violence. The chemistry between people can lead to all kinds of issues, add in the difficulty of two cultures and you have a recipe for problems. Annie Le’s case has some very similar undertones.

    Also the religious part of this background was quite far in the past, not that it wouldn’t still be relevant but inr eading his history he seemed to have a need for attention. More recently he was on reality television shows and apparently had a need for being in the public eye. A generalization to be sure, but people with narcissistic tendencies sometimes end up in tragic places because they lack a sense of empathy.

  34. I don’t see much of a relation with this case and Annie Le. No culture issues on Annie Le, from what I read so far. Just stupid mice issues…

    Felicia and Annie were both asian and their alleged murderers seem to have personality problems. I guess that was their bad luck, being around some nut who went out of control.

    Any women, asian, white can give us a headache, many women play with seduction and jealousy, some drive us crazy, but murder is a whole new league.

  35. Let me be succinct because I’m rarely wrong about these scenarios.

    She said, “I’m moving on, leaving you, starting a new life without you. Bye bye.”

    Hey, I was right about Annie Le getting offed by the janitor – well, one who was described as performing “janitorial duties.” Pretty sure I’m not too far off here.

  36. This is a sad story. She was really very beautiful. I too, suspect that his bible college background contributed to the murderer’s state of mind, but we’ll probably never know.

    I found some news sites that might interest our readers. The best news report I found was in the Straits Times, which gives Sept. 11 as the date of her death. (That’s a Singapore paper. She was born in Singapore.) The longest story is a blog post by Steve Huff on CBS. The aggregator site Mahalo has lots of links. The earliest informative stories came out in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

    Some of my favorite galleries are the early ones on Mac and Bumble; there’s a bunch of galleries linked from AsianSexExpress. There is a hot video of Felicia and Tianna Kai soaping each other up on spankwire. She was covered here in 2005, including RapidShare video links from Zamscam.

    It’s very sad.

  37. WoW!…that spankwire clip was very nice. Just goes to show, she was one of the hottest looking Asian-Sirens around.

  38. Just because the guy had no history of domestic assault doesn’t mean he didn’t have any trips to the courthouse.

    As somebody who has served as an internship in our criminal justice system you’d be surprised how many women drop charges against their “overbearing” boyfriends/husbands. All you can do is look on in disbelief. Especially if he’s done a real makeover job on her face.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out that this guy has been detained before but that he somehow talked his better half into forgiving him and dropping the charges.

  39. May the “Pastor” rot in his religions hell. Shocked 2 hear shes gone. Just found out her surname was Lee, she used 2 b the odd one out when it came 2 my fav’s cause she didnt have Lee as a last name, Sunghi Lee, Miko Lee, Lena Li, but now I hear that her last name was Lee. Sexiest surname on earth!

  40. I must have read just about every story about her death. I still can’t get over it. Here are some facts.

    -They were not married. Felicia Lee was his live-in girlfriend.
    -He has been charged with torture AND murder. (death penalty possible)
    -One of the articles states her body had been mutilated.
    -Her body was found on September 11 just after 12 pm California time, but wasn’t identified until the autopsy was performed. This is only conjecture on my part, but was her face unrecognizable or did the authorities want to contact the next of kin before revealing her identity to the media?
    -His next court appearance will be on September 29 in Pasadena’s Municipal Court.

    Another thing I find strange is that her article on Wikipedia was deleted on September 5 yet she was killed on September 11.

    I’ve been looking on to see if her autopsy has been posted. As of this post nothing has been posted on TheSmokingGun.

    The truth will come out during the trial, but we may have to wait at least a year.


  41. Leave it to Dr Lee to as usual to turn this into an anti-Christian thread. It happens that the guy was an asshole. They come in all creeds, colors and religions.

    Anybody can snap it doesn’t matter who they are and shame on any of you clowns for turning this into a religious condemnation. What if he were a plumber would you all be ranting about how the entire profession was tainted?

    It’s not the religion that killed her it was the man that had problems deep down that did this.

    Rest in Peace Felicia. You’ll be missed

  42. In the bottom line, we will not her alive anymore. Just pick as much as you can her pictures.
    Tell to every women that you know, don’t take bad guy but take all of us.

  43. Just got a link to this story in the mailbox:

    (…) A medical examiner, toxicologist and friend of adult actress Felicia Lee all testified Monday at a preliminary hearing for the man charged with Lee’s slaying.

    Lee’s boyfriend, Brian Randone, is accused of suffocating the actress and model to death Sept. 11 inside the couple’s Monrovia apartment.

    Mark Overland, the defense attorney for Randone, contends Lee died from a drug overdose. (…)

    No idea if this is true or not.

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