Rina Akiyama for the Holidays

In the spirit of Christmas, here’s gravure idol-turned-actress Rina Akiyama managing to unwrap her sweater underneath the Christmas tree. The 26 year-old, 163cm Rina has built up quite an impressive resume since 2001. Her list of acting credits include several appearances in the popular Japanese Kamen Rider series and she was named (although it’s unclear by whom) 2007’s “Best Butt in Japan,” which earned her the nickname “Oshirina.” (A combination of the Japanese word for “butt” and her name.) Her gallery at Red Flava will provide proof of why she was worthy of the title. Her blog and agency profile are in Japanese but Google Translate is a good friend. Happy Holidays!

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0 thoughts on “Rina Akiyama for the Holidays”

  1. She certainly likes showing off that spankable ‘oshi’ in lots of her red flava pics and elsewhere I expect 😉

  2. I don’t know what it is about Japanese, but it seems to work really well for sexual references – I like ‘nice oshiri’ better than ‘nice butt’, and ‘oki obai’ (big breasts) works well for me too. Then there’s ‘ashi’ – this is kind of equivalent to legs, but oddly includes the feet as well.

  3. My Japanese is limited to car brands:-(
    So I was deducing from Oshi + Rina that ‘oshi’ was Japanese for derrierre.
    So it’s good to know something new every day.
    Yeah Doc, I believe ‘arse’ in Chinese is ‘pi gu’ (pee goo, which sounds rather nasty in English lol) and I get to see a lot of ‘hen hao pi gu’ every day 😉

  4. Having the “Best Butt” in Japan is kind of like having the “Best Tan” in Norway.

    I really do like her butt, however, and the rest of her as well.

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