Ribith Leang


Ribith Leang is a popular MySpace model, featured on a variety of websites like this one. I have a soft spot for Cambodian women after some great personal experiences, so it is always fun for me to feature one. Ribith Leang was born in the Philippines and I believe is still modeling today.Stats:

Age: 29
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Cambodian
Located: Houston













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  1. she has such pretty eyes and full lips…yet she insists on doing that silly pout in all of her photos and drawing on THOSE eyebrows (…what shape was she even going for)?!?!

    surrender the tweezers!!! and put…the sharpie…down…PUT IT DOWN…

  2. I am no authority but I think that the purpose of the eyebrow shaping is so that no matter what expression is on the rest of their face they have a ‘come hither’ kind of look.
    I like her a lot , she has been a myspace ‘friend’ for a while and does the look well IMO

  3. Did I just hear a come hither?…I would just love to come hither and spend a lot of time with her. Very nice.

  4. I suppose the scowling look once again is meant to be sexy. And it may not really be her. But you can imagine getting this look when you disagree on which restaurant to go to tonight, and that is not a pleasant thought.

  5. I actually see her either at Specks here in downtown Houston or out at the clubs. She is actually prettier in person even though her pics are hot.

  6. Oh, very nice. It looks like she has some natural good looks, but it would benefit her to not use as much makeup.

  7. Very nice body but she loses many points with me because of the ton of make-up on her face(at least in these pictures). She’s trying too hard for some sort of effect that doesn’t do anything for me.

  8. Travis is always starting fights…like the kid brother who says, ‘What? What I do?” 🙂

    Agree with Christine, knarf, and wylde8…very pretty girl with nice natural features but a very harsh eyebrow look that does not go with the rest of her…those eyebrows belong on another person. Very distracting.

    jleetechie – exactly what I mean.

    You know when women (and men) get too much botox in their foreheads? You can’t “read” them anymore. Are they angry, sarcastic, surprised- who knows?

  9. Smiling girl = positive charisma = attractive women.

    This girl has a serious problem: she doesn’t smile. I don’t feel it. The fact that she drowned in a make-up tube doesn’t exactly help either.

  10. She’s hot, loving that rocking body of hers too. Are these recent photos of her? She looks better at 29 than lots of other models in their early 20’s (not that 29 is old).

  11. The funny thing is, if you look @ her myspace page, she’s a really bubbly and fun person! And there are a lot of photos of her smiling. I think she definitely looks better smiling…so, Ribith, if you’re reading… get rid of the pout, hehe.

    French: “those eyebrows belong on another person”. umm…if by another person, you mean chola, then yeah, i agree. 🙂

  12. As for Ribith, SO much better when she smiles. I’m pretty tired of that “tough Asian girl” look, and I completely agree with jleetechie’s comment.

  13. Ummmm… I must be not be feeling well today. I look at her and I cant help but feel there is a guy under all that glamor.

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