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This isn’t exactly a model ID request, because clearly I have the ID, but all I’ve found on Renee Shin can be found Here, from a Photographer found Here and Here and maybe here. But she’s quite pretty. One would think that she has a model portfolio out there, or something to help make her famous. If anyone finds more, post it in the comments.

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  1. Based on the very limited evidence, I’d say “pretty” is an understatement.

    And before the tattoo bashers get started, I have to say those two minor tattoos don’t bother me at all.

  2. Oh my, she is cute! Wow, love it when she smiles! I dislike the tats.

    haha luke72 – cross eyed – funny!

    Quyen – you’re right, she does look very Californian and I like it!

  3. Seems she wants more ink. Sadly, her beauty comes with an expiration date I’m afraid πŸ™

  4. Not to worry. I’m pretty sure the expiration date is about 40 yrs away. Until then she’s perfect.

  5. Doesn’t this apply to every model? AGE always ends model careers (save Marilyn, Dolly et al.) Heidi Klum isn’t doing too bad either!

    MR. moojjipa’s comment SOUNDS like a THREAT!? WHO ARE YOU DUDE? Explain your comment!

  6. If I have OVERSTEPPED due to a lack of English vocabulary on the part of MR.moojjipa: I apologize..sincerely.

    I deal with this problem every day with my native Chinese spouse! =:-}

  7. Good heaven’s above Nighthawk. Talk about deciding to take someone’s comments the wrong way. I think it is fairly clear what moojjipa meant.

  8. so much hostility! the doc clearly explained what i thought was already evident in my comment. shes a beautiful girl, but permanently etching kanye’s lyrics into your skin is a fast way to change that…in my opinion.

    no hard feelings nighthawk…i really appreciate the way you incorporated INK into your latest comment…we’ve come full circle!

  9. Come to think of it, THAT would be a unique tattoo….the words “Expiration Date: Month/Day/Year” written in an official looking font.

    Or better yet, how about a tattoo, of….Tattoo! (Fantasy Island reference)

    Mr. Rourke: Ah, that is our Asian Siren getting off the plane.

    Tattoo: What does she want boss?

    Mr. Rourke: She wants a tattoo on her back.

    Tattoo: I’m on it, boss.

  10. Again I have to disagree. The saying on her back is very cool, don’t think it’s something she will regret at all. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a Kanye lyric, it’s a meaningful quote that will be so long after Kanye has retired. Ink that has meaning to the person who gets them is very rarely regretted. Again, I know plenty of peeps with tats who are around my age or older (mid 40’s) and none of them are wringing their hands and crying about a tattoo the wish they hadn’t gotten. The only people who think they’ll regret them are people who don’t have any, because they really don’t get it. I don’t have one but regret not getting one when I was younger.

    Hopefully we can see more of this lovely young lady down the road.

  11. Slackerking: I wonder what percentage of tattoos are simply words? I wonder what consideration there is about the font style, the size of the font, the swirly artwork underneath, and if (yes) the writer of those lyrics could sue her if she gets hired as a model and does not compensate the song writer?

    Agreed that it is of course her choice to do what she wants.

    You are mid-40s? Have you seen a woman today with any lyrics from Led Zeppelin, Rush, or even from the Australian band The Sherbs? I see a lot of fading butterflies, but this lyric thing must be a newer trend.

    Time will tell….

  12. I see a little silouetto of a man
    Scaramouche, scaramouche
    Would you do the fandango?
    Thunderbolt and lightning
    Very, very frightening me.

    Girl gets that tattoo I’ll follow her anywhere.

  13. dbldipper: Ha ha, Now those are some REAL lyrics. Queen rules!

    We park our cars in the same garage….

    Well played, sir!

  14. LOL French. Your comment just made me think of Skyhooks’ “You Just Like Me ‘Cos I’m Good in Bed” inked into some model’s back. (Btw, you read it here first!)
    Slackerking – you’re never too old to get a tat.
    haha, a mate got a barcode tat in China.
    Oh, better say something about Ms Shin. Cute face, nice body!

  15. French: Well, I live in LA and used to hang out on the Sunset Strip so I’ve seen thousands of tattoos. Even back in the heyday of the strip, girls had all kinds of crazy tattoos. Many had writing, though I don’t remember seeing any Zep or Rush specifically. I have seen a ton of Guns, Poison, Motley Crue and that type lyrics because that was when I was there. I don’t get to see many women’s tattoos anymore, as my wife would frown on it:) but I do agree writing is more prevalent now than in the past but then tattoos are mainstream now, not a fringe thing. Admittedly I live in a place where it is more common than not so maybe my perspective is skewed, but most eveywhere I’ve been in the world ink is very commonplace at this time and I don’t see that trend reversing.

    Personally I like a good quote, if I’d found one that meant something big in my life I would have probably gotten it inked. Certainly size and font are important and I agree that smaller is better. While I like tats, I don’t personally love the larger or all over choices but I support each persons right to do what they like.

    I don’t believe copywrite applies in that case. You can tattoo a person’s likeness and you don’t have to pay so I think that would hold true with lyrics also. Plus I doubt that Kanye is the first person to use the phrase. It would be difficult to prove ownership.

    Dbldipper: While I love Queen’s music and would take it a thousand times over Kanye, I have to say that the Kanye quote is much more meaningful than the Bohemian Rhapsody line would be. To me.

  16. Slackerking: Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain…
    ‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
    And we both know hearts can change….

    That takes me back.

    If a model has a song lyric tattoo on her, and that model is hired for a campaign whereby the lyrics are seen as she promotes a product, then yes, the song writer can sue. The songwriter’s words were “used” in an advertisement and they should be compensated.

    Would you hire a model with lyrics from, say, Metallica- a band with a history of suing everyone and everything that even dreams of copying their work?

    Words are powerful…companies all over the world spend millions on just the right kind of font to convey the right kind of message.

    I think the font she chose for her Kayne West tattoo was a poor choice- it detracts from the meaning rather than enhances it. I also think that THAT exact tattoo would distinguish her (in a negative way) and thereby limit her career.

    And she is very pretty.

    I am laughing at your comment about why you don’t see many tattoos anymore, lol.

  17. I don’t think tattoos matter too much anymore for models. They just cover them with makeup if they’re not wanted. I worked in Hollywood post production for almost a decade and it’s never an issue. Most of the actors have them, they just put coverup before shooting starts. I’m sure if they didn’t, the issue you bring up might be relevant but it’s very easy to work around. Even large tattoos aren’t difficult to nullify, either with makeup or in post production and photoshop.

    ah yes GnR, I was lucky enough to see them a dozen times in little clubs before they became big. Almost got a tat of them because they were my favorite band, pretty glad I didn’t even though they’re still a favorite of mine.

    I checked the other pics, and I do agree the font isn’t exactly the best choice for it but hey, it’s not my back:)

  18. You saw GnR a dozen times?!?!?!?! I know this is supposed to be about Asian Sirens but wow! I wanted to see them but it never worked out.

    What I love about America’s west coast is that from Seattle to San Diego, they have beautiful Asian women from every country as well as so many that are mixed, thanks to generations upon generations there.

    I guess regardless of your ethnic background, living in LA- or more specifically Hollywood, you would adopt some of those traits. The Vietnamese in Houston are from another planet compared to the Vietnamese I’ve met from Los Angeles.

    Good points about the make-up cover ups. Ten years there? The stories you must have!

    A childhood buddy of mine went to Los Angeles as a truck driver, but because of his good looks got hired in his second day there as an extra on Entourage. Never took an acting class in his life. When I visited him, he took me to a shoot and I find that stuff pretty cool. Then off to Apple Pan Diner for banana cream pie, then Westminster for Vietnamese.

    Why am I not living there?

  19. She’s very pretty and I like her a lot with the big hair, like in pic 3 of this

    That said, when there aren’t many nude pictures around, you guys have a way of coming up with some interesting talk. πŸ™‚

    Btw, I love Queen and GnR…
    French, you’re lucky because GnR (well, without Slash) are still out there doing concerts, so make it happen. πŸ˜‰
    Queen, on the other hand, was impossible for me to watch. But still they made for many beautiful days.

  20. I went to a GnR concert, but GnR didn’t :-p

    Not really, but you get the point. I used to hate GnR, but not anymore cuz compared to Motley Crue and the like, they can actually play.

    Renee’s hot!!

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