Renee Ang


If I had to describe what I like about Renee Ang, I’d have to say she’s “surprising.” At first glance it feels as though she’d be easy to pass over, but looking at her photos I think that, at least for her age, she has a surprising cuteness that makes her photos better. You can read her own interview about how she got into modeling here.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Malaysia







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  1. Very nice! She looks a bit bitchy or high maintenance, which I like strangely, but the photos in the links where she is smiling she seems sweet, and her body is perfect IMO.

  2. “High maintenance” I like that expression! Seems apt here. Fragile, doll-like, and too young in appearance also come to mind. That said, and since I often dis excessive tats, kudos to her for apparently resisting those permanent changes to her otherwise unmarred body.

  3. Meh… I don’t like the I-look-young thing she’s got going on here.

    @jleetechie: even when a girl _doesn’t_ have tattoos you have to mention it. Please GET OVER IT.

  4. high maintenance looking in these pics but i like the ones on her fb fan page…she looks real cute with a smile!

  5. “I want to see a driver’s license from her before I make any comments.”

    She clearly looks her age, IMO. I’m not particularly worried she might be underage. With that said, she’s cute all right, but nothing spectacular, IMO.

  6. Cute. Nice skin tone. She appears taller than stated height. Would look much better with natural hair colour. Could do without the tatts… as with most Asian beauties.

  7. Cute. But can she hogtie and castrate a brahman bull with a rusty pair of pliers like a Rockhampton woman can????

    Not saying thats a particularly desirable trait…. I’m just wondering what other skills she might have.

  8. Renee Ang
    Comes in with a bang.
    Taut body; physique that’s lean
    What you’d expect for a girl nineteen.

    Else he sing the blues
    I must, for a minute muse
    A vocation, Ms Ang to choose
    To satisfy my friend Sir Kroos.

    Hogtie a bull?
    Shear a sheep of its wool?
    Tie a dry fly?
    Soar a plane in the sky?

    Make a fence of barbed wire?
    Change an old pickup’s tire?
    Much the stalls; change the bed?
    Build a nice wooden shed?

    Nae, I think Sir Kroos has but one thing on his mind
    Of what he’s so inclined;
    Ms Ang will quickly find
    She’ll mostly be reclined.

  9. Cute, but still waiting for the WOW factor to appear, I’m afraid.
    Loved the poem tho, dipper.
    and kroos, maybe the WOW factor might be that she could do those things as well as what the local graziers’ daughters can do.

  10. you mean…. surely you don’t mean….. she can accommodate the local football team (including her own brother and three cousins) while rotten drunk on bundy rum?

  11. Cute girl, but she does seem like she’d be difficult in real life. I know that’s impossible to actually know from a picture, but she just holds herself like she thinks she’s all that, which translates into high maintenance and my need to stay far far away.

  12. @kroos: I don’t think I would want a lady with castration skills anywhere near me! No matter how pretty she is.

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