Playboy magazine set for Indonesia despite protests

An Indonesian publisher vowed on Friday to go ahead with the launch of a local version of Playboy magazine despite growing protests from conservative Muslim groups and nationalist politicians. Since word of the planned launch circulated a few weeks ago, some Islamic groups have urged the government to prevent publication of the men’s magazine in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, even if it was a less racy version.”There was a thought to issue Playboy Indonesia mid-year but with this controversy that plan may be expedited or pushed back,” said Ponti Carrolus, director of PT Velvet Silver Media, which holds the Indonesian license from the U.S.-based magazine.

Carrolus told a news conference that Playboy Indonesia would not publish nude pictures, the magazine’s trademark.

Avianto Nugroho, who handles the magazine’s promotion, told Reuters separately the launch was a “certainty,” but gave no date.

Media observers said Playboy Indonesia’s content would be close to local franchises of men’s magazines such as FHM or Maxim, which rely heavily on pictures of scantily dressed women but stop short of nudes.

Despite regular campaigns against pornography, many sidewalk vendors in Indonesia stock sexually explicit movies and the country has a flourishing sex industry.

In recent years, lifestyle magazines for Indonesia’s growing secular middle class have flooded the market, including those targeting a male audience.

Many are franchises of foreign publications in the United States, Europe, Australia and more liberal Asian nations.

Founded in 1953, Playboy has about 20 local editions around the world that cater to local taste rather than simply exporting and translating its U.S. content.


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  1. Well is impossible to have nude magazines over there..since the Muslims will just bomb the office..but at least is a major breaktrough IF…it launches ?

  2. but who knows if..the models featured in Indonesian version would end up posing for Dutch / Spanish /USA versions ?? let us be optimistic and EXCITED !! like ME !

  3. Indcoup from Jakarta here.

    thanks for linking to my post on the possibility of Indah Ludiana posing nude for the US version of Playboy.

    As for the upcoming Indonesian version, everyone is really excited to know who will be the first issue’s playmate of the month. I’ve a feeling it could be the gorgeous Marlin Taroreh or even Indah Ludiana, but noone really knows.

    See my blog for further updates and other hot upcoming Indo babes.


  4. Indcoup I was the first who spread the word about Indah Ludiana here , then everyone googled her and you are the one who wrote about her in english so they posted your article here

  5. // had to edit this comment because of lay-out problems. (pls. preview and edit url before submitting)

    hoybytes2000, check this one out:


    A nude model averse nude mag?

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