Phuong Ly @ Playboy

Talking about Playboy, today I came across Phuong Ly (Photography by Mizuno), Coed of the week in January of this year. Isn’t she nice?

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  1. Hey, I may be lazy but Phuong has my Google in full schwing!

    Yes please, more of that! And by ‘more of that’ I mean I hope she doesn’t mind me staying in her dorm room when I visit UCLA tomorrow.

    Phuong is so Phresh and Phine!

  2. Yes, she is Vietnamese – Phuong is one of their most common given names (and Ly is a pretty common surname, though nowhere near as common as Nguyen!). As with almost all Vietnamese American models though, she doesn’t look very Vietnamese, for reasons everyone is tired of me pointing out by now. 😉

  3. dr. lee..she does look vietnamese..maybe a small nose job?…but still look pretty much vietnamese…very pretty:)…

  4. I’d say a nose job and a chin job. Still, in this case it is a very good job – everything is nicely in proportion!

    The ‘good cheekbones’ newworks refers to are a classic Vietnamese trait – I really think they have the best cheekbones in the world!

  5. arent guys funny?…we are always focus on certain parts of a woman’s body…for me is a well tone upper arms and tone tummy…cheekbones are good too…what about you dr. lee?

  6. I’m really into trim, taut stomachs (I especially like concave stomachs like Sachiko‘s) and slim waists (like Jun Kusanagi), very closely followed by big, perky breasts (like both Jun and especially Sachiko). I also love long hair (like Sachiko again) – Lena Li really fits the bill on all these counts, but her legs are far too stocky for my taste (I like slim legs). Ange Maya is another one with the sort of stomach, tits and hair that really drive me crazy, even if her facial surgery and makeup are somewhat over the top (and she looks a little old).

    When it comes to facial features though, Vietnamese women are it as far as I’m concerned. Sadly however, most Vietnamese models are not representative of just how beautiful these women can be (tragically, they often screw up their natural beauty with western-style surgery).

  7. I once had a real-deal Vietnamese girlfriend (last name Nguyen!) for a couple of years. Fabulous! All around hot stuff.

    My current (and probably forever) lady is Chinese. Also fabulous, but in more of a cute way.

    I would have to say Vietnamese women have a stronger, more defined beauty about them. Or I could just be talking out my ass!

    (BTW – Viet g/f went on to become a doctor — I was not invited. ha!)

  8. Lee, don’t forget, there is always the possibility that she was born with the face she has. Your speculation could be right or wrong.

    Also, the French blood in many Vietnamese familes sometimes gives an interesting twist to their looks.

  9. I have seen some amazing beauty in Vietnamese women! I used to go to this local nail shop and get my fingernails and toenails clipped just to be pampered by this beautiful Viet girl college student.

    She was so sweet and nice and very smart too. Plus, her older sisters, also beauties who owned the place, were prancing around in their tight jeans and sexy tops while working too. It was 30 minutes of heaven for $20.00 ! And I wasn’t cheating on my girlfriend!

  10. I thought she was Chinese at first glance. She looks a lot like a friend of my Chinese wife except 15 years younger. I too used to go to a Vietnamese hair salon just to be clipped by any number of lovely young women. It was quite nice when they had to lean in front of my face.

  11. If you get your nails done, many shops also give you a nice lotion massage on your hands and feet when they are done with the nails. Feels really nice! 🙂

  12. Adorable! I find the colored contact lenses more distracting that the surgery she may or may not have had, but the whole package is still very fine. Isn’t it possible she is ethnic Chinese from Vietnam?

  13. I agree she looks more Chinese than Vietnamese – the surgery I believe she’s had makes her face look more ‘robust’ (like many Chinese), rather then the very delicate features of most Vietnamese (whether they have French in their blood or not).

    I also agree she does look something like an Asian Brooke Burke!

  14. you would be suprised Dr. Lee…vietnam is one of those countries where there are a lot of mutts 🙂 chinese, french, Khmer, laos, and american are mixing the gene pools for the better….you ant really tell just from the name alone. I have been there at leaset 3 times a year and there is a region in southern Vietnam…i believe they called it the west region (mien Tay)…where there is a heavy, heavy mixture of French blood in the Gene Pool…where the girls are super tall 5’6” and above and with really western features..tall noses..but look distinctively asian…super beautiful….:)

  15. That’s the thing with Vietnamese women – they seem to mix many different races in just the right proportions. They kind of have the ultimate ‘Eurasian’ look.

  16. That chin is REAL as for the nose its make up and lighting and alittle something they call photshop. Everyone’s chin sticks out (alittle/a lot) when they smile. I will aruge anybody who says it’s not.

  17. In this case, it’s not about how much her chin sticks out, it’s how robust it is – unusual for Vietnamese women. Her nose looks very natural if it is a nose job, but on balance I still suspect it is (as I said, in this case it’s an excellent job!). Of course I can’t be certain they aren’t natural, but you can’t be certain that they are natural either – it is very common for Asian models to have this type of surgery these days. I am always amazed by how certain many people are that a model hasn’t had surgery, when it is almost standard practice now.

  18. I’m always amazed too, and it goes both ways. I don’t think anybody should be making definitive statements that facial surgery has or has not taken place based just on looking at photographs. An opinion is fine. But to make a definitive statement, I believe one needs more than photographic evidence.

    Lee, glad to see you phrased your opinion with room for the possibility of error. Shine should do the same…unless he has some inside info and/or a personal connection with this model.

  19. Even ‘inside info’ or a personal connection is not necessarily conclusive – models usually say they haven’t had surgery, even if they have. In general, I can only be reasonably certain of surgery if the result looks clearly unnatural. As Phuoung doesn’t look obviously unnatural, my degree of uncertainty is fairly significant in her case.

  20. It’s hard to judge since it is a PHOTOSHOOT and she’s smiling. The chin is real, the boobs are fake, contact lens obviously and the nose is debatable. An example of someone who puts makeup on their nose to make it look thinner, that’s very apparent is Rihanna. I’ve seen pictures of her without and yeah the nose makeup trick does work. It’s alittle hard to judge since Phuong Ly is smiling and ”done up.”

  21. So how can you be so sure her chin is real? Once again, a chin like this is almost unheard of amongst Vietnamese women (regardless of whether they have other races mixed in their blood or not).

  22. For one she is smiling. Everyone’s chin sticks out when they smile. So her is a little more prominent than other Vietnamese women, I’m not sure I don’t study them or their chins, but I’ll take your word. And you have to consider her face shape, from what I can see I would say heart shaped. And part of having a heart shaped face is having a pointy chin or pointier than lets say an oval shaped face. One can even argue on whether she had cheekbone implants, since they look fake, but nope it’s the lighting, the makeup, the retouching plus her face is not in a natural position. Aren’t their anymore pictures of her?

  23. Once again, it’s not how much her chin sticks out – it’s how robust it is. The cheekbones however do look like regular Vietnamese cheekbones. Not sure about the jawline though.

  24. Just because it’s a bit more robust than other Vietnamese women’s chins that doesn’t mean she got her jawline done. That’s like saying a tall Vietnamese women, 5ft8+, is unheard of. You can’t use these images to judge whether or not she got that and this done anyway, except her breasts. And it looks like one of her nipples weren’t sewn back properly in the above image..
    But she does look Chinese-y and it’s not because of her chin.

  25. So once again, how can you be so sure that she hasn’t had a chin job? I am saying I believe she’d had one, but I’m not certain. You on the other hand are saying you’re certain she hasn’t had one. You can’t have it both ways shiine!

  26. People who get these chin augmentations are usually people with receeding chins, flat and droopy chins, double chins and old people. Her chin does not look like the chins of people who had this done. Am I right? I’m leaning towards a no. And plus I’ve seen Asian women with chin implants it’s terribly obvious because it’s huge and look very unnatural.

  27. That’s the tragedy of Asian models these days – they start off with perfectly fine chins and noses, then ruin them by trying to make them look more ‘western’. But once again, if Phuong does have a chin job as I suspect, it is fortunately an excellent one. However, I bet she’d look even better without it!

  28. First, let me say I despise and am disgusted by the gratuitous use of color contacts by asians. The fact is, asians can’t genetically have blue/green eyes. A lot of vietnamese try to use french blood as an excuse, but the fact is any viet with enough french blood to end up with light eyes would ALSO have plenty of other white features. I don’t like the use of color contacts by asians simply because it looks extremely fake, light bright blue hair, and because so many of them do it. Besides, dark eyes are very beautiful. If I want to see women with beautiful blue eyes, I can go look at some blonde. It is foolish for an asian woman to turn off people who love the look of asian women by trying in vain to adopt white features.

    Second, I think her face is real. The first thing viet women do is get eye surgery. This girl hasn’t had eye surgery. She still has a smooth single-eyelid look. I am not sure her boobs are real, though. The roundness, nipple orientation, and seperation suggest to me that she has small implants, small enough to retain ‘deniability’ which is something I see all the time with asian girls.

    Third, most “vietnamese” women in the US are actually ethnically Chinese. This is because the Chinese minority in Vietnam was elite, and many of the skilled persons evacuated in 1975 with the Americans were part of this elite minority. Furthermore, in the late 1970s the ethnic Viet communist government crushed/persecuted the ethnically-chinese dominated business class. So most of the “vietnamese” here in the US are actually this ethnic chinese minority.

    The same kind of thing happened in Cuba. Most Cubans are ethnically black, but nearly all the Cubans who fled to the US are the “white” cubans.

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