Photo/Videoshoot for your consideration

Enjoy the 49 minute behind the scenes footage! You never know when it’s gone…

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  1. I miss you so much Robin…She is lovely..
    Can anyone tell me how can I download this video to my harddrive?? so I can show it to my friend at my office. I hate that “buffering….” it’s like forever….

  2. Robin, can you tell me what her name is?
    I no wonder if she is Yoko Kumada, but she is not, isn’t she?
    I have to say, she is more beautiful rather than Yoko. Cute face and has stomatch muscle.
    Her body is typical Japanese girl’s body.

  3. Yuko Ogura is the first chick no doubt. I seem so perverted looking at her because she’s so girlie but she is way too good looking to not notice. She’s eternally fifteen.

    Yuko should eat a burger? Are you kidding me. She’s great as she is. I don’t know where you are from Niners but I’m an American and all I see are fat bitches which is a shame. If Yuko has naturally a great motabilism good for her, but everyone should be eating healthy.

  4. Science H. Logic! I hate you Robin! I have tears in my eyes from watching that vid man… All I want in the world is a Japanese woman like her. It’s not even a sexual thing. My heart aches for someone like her. BTW she’s not skinny, she’s Asian. Even when I watch anime or read manga I always feel for the underdog girls. They’re shy and under developed (to the western eye) and they always feel less than because of that fact. arf… her bangs are killin’ me dude! And those peepers (eyes)… Holy Science! After a wonderful sunny afternoon with a woman like here, I could die a happy man! (sigh)

  5. She’s not skinny-she’s Asian?

    Asian women can still work out and achieve some sort of muscle tone to their bodies (Sung Hi Lee)

    Skinny and Fat is not attractive. I like athletic men and women.

  6. NYC777, did you just “out” yourself?

    :#) Just kidding.

    BTW, I think this girl (these girls?) are just fine. VERY cute. Perfect for The Dean.

  7. That sure is cute, Optimus. But, let’s just hope she never has to rely exclusively on her singing voice to make her way.

    As usual, it’s better with the sound off.

  8. NYC777: once again, you are free to express your opinion, but your’s is not the only valid one. There are a lot more Asian girls who are built like this than like Sung Hi Lee, and many of our readers appreciate them – this is Asian Sirens after all!

  9. I’m just not getting the eat a burger comment. I think this may be the wrong site for someone. Also FlipnIrish…her blunt bangs are to die for man. That part where she’s playing basketball in the vid had me going bonkers just looking at her boobs in that white top. I love her legs too. I’m done.

  10. I still don’t understand the complete fascination of Japanese girls here. Trust me, they’re below average of all the Asian countries. These girls in the video get a 5 on a scale of 10 from me.

  11. BaTanha, maybe it because its the country with the most media available…post some Korea, China etc and we’ll likely love that too.

    Lots of physiques on this vid, a bit of something for everybody. And they remembered I’m a sucker for “dew-dropped” bosoms 🙂

    These gals sure got that doe-eyed cheeky pout down pat…wonderful vid akin to some of my Sabra Girls on CD.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. eh… just a cutsie… rather annoying… asiren sirens, you can do better… hello, give me some sublime, exquisite creatures…

  13. daznlover boy, due to my inquisitive nature yes i clicked on the video but hit the stop button a nanosecond later… i concur with BaTanha… nothing much j-girls… banal… anyway, you’re entitle to your opinions…I, mine… ok male species 🙂

  14. Let me make sure I have this right. Some people think there aren’t any pretty Japanese women? Japanese = not attractive?

    Sounds racist, to me.

    I agree that, IN GENERAL, I find women of some nationalities to be more attractive than others. But, I think there are attractive women of EVERY race and nationality. ( I even met a cute Tongan woman, once.) :#)

    I think the girls in this video are very cute. If you don’t find them to be attractive, that’s fine. But, if you refuse to look at the vid, simply because the girls are of Japanese heritage, well…I just don’t get that.

  15. Hey everybody…let’s trust batana now. Japanese women are far below other asian women from other asian countries. And, this guy certainly knows his asian women. How I know that…I really don’t. What a load.

  16. This is the wrong site for me because I don’t think “skinny” is SEXY?

    I think I have the right to express my opinion.
    I didn’t write that everyone had to agree with my opinion.

    I and I said I…prefer women who are FIT with a little muscle tone.

    I’m adding a Comment.

  17. Actually NYC777, I think the problem people have with the way you express your opinion – as I alluded to above – is that you say it as if your’s is the only valid one. You are of course welcome to express what you think, but just as you want people to respect your opinion, so you should respect their’s.

  18. Actually, NYC777, what you said is: “I like athletic MEN and women.” [Emphasis mine]

    :#) I’m just teasing you.

    I have nothing against appreciating a pretty athletic woman, either. But, that doesn’t stop me from liking these, very cute, slimmer women.

  19. Dr. Lee

    First, I’m not Bi. “I like athletic men and women” translates to an appreciation for athletic men and women. I like when people are physically active as opposed to “couch potatoes”. Also, your comment that the way I express my opinion is that mine is the only valid one is without merit. I never said in my comments that my opinion is the right opinion. I wrote “I”
    I think your twisting my comments because you don’t agree with what I wrote. It seems that you are the only one that has a problem with what I wrote or maybe you have a problem with me because I don’t agree with your opinions. I didn’t realize that we all had to agree with eachother on what we feel is attractive.
    Also, I’m Asian

  20. I think that from time to time our messages get misconstrued… probably because we are reading them and not hearing them said. I’ll be the first to admit that there have been times when the things I have written have come across as crude or as TMI when that was not my intention.

    IMHO we are all looking for trouble when we write something negative in caps. I don’t believe that, in a place like this, there is room at all for negativity to be shouted. We can express ourselves well without having to demean any of these ladies or each other. Our shouts should be positive! WOW! OMG! HOLY HANDGRENADE! Should be what we see in caps. Not things that cause unneeded tensions. We gather at this sacred altar to worship Asian Women, as a community of lovers. Let’s be open minded here. If we don’t like it: let it go! Usually there are others who share our feelings.

    Science, I’m ranting a lot lately. Here is the point of my poo… We’re all adults right??? Why don’twe act like adults then. In the beginning my posts were very childish but I got that out of my system. Let’s rethink what we’re trying to say so we don’t get anyone’s goat… Bring on the love people, bring on the love!

  21. I’m sorry for starting that little joke, NYC. I was just having some fun.

    I can’t speak for Dr. Lee, but I think your posting style is a little aggressive (for lack of a better term), particularly for someone new to the community. I’m fairly new here, myself. I think it is important to respect the style of the community and that usually means taking it a bit slow, in the beginning. Just, IMO, of course.

    And, in case you don’t know, Dr. Lee is the Fearless Leader around here (and that won’t mean anything to those unfamiliar with Bullwinkle). He’s the main guy, our Majordomo, the guy who pays the bills. So, his opinion is really the one that matters, when all is said and done, when it comes to posting rules and etiquette.

  22. NYC777: as I have said repeatedly, you are welcome to express your opinions, but you have already breached our posting guidelines once, and as Bigfoot says, your other posts have all had quite an aggressive tone. All I am asking is that (a) you comply with our posting guidelines (which you have been doing since I gave you a warning) and (b) you try to express your opinions in a nicer manner.

    And like bigfoot, I was of course only joking about you being bi (hence the whink). Please lighten up! 🙂

  23. Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with FlipnIrish’s post – different opinions are what a forum like this one is all about, but please, let’s be adult and civil in how we express them.

  24. Let’s get this straight guys. Large women are not in charge alright. Stop trying to prove it. They are disgusting. Better to be skinny then on the hefty side. Here are the simple formulas and take notes. Jesus!:

    Fat Girls = A redundancy of a female. A waste of everybody’s time (you want to kill them). Example – Rosie O’Donnel

    Skinny Girls = Maybe not everyone’s ideal but most can have fun with them. A good person (you want to bang them). Example – Yuko Ogura

  25. I don’t think anyone’s saying fat girls are good – NYC777 just likes them to be a little “stronger”, with more muscle. As for me, I appreciate both looks.

  26. NYC777 — skinny isn’t the same as emaciated. Of course, curvy isn’t the same as fat. There is a wide range between skinny and curvy which we can enjoy. The main reason we are here, i think, is to ENJOY, right?

  27. Yeah…I just wish japanese weren’t so far below average of every single asian country out there. I just don’t understand this overwhelming and complete fascination I have with them, when they only rate a 5 out of 10 on the batanna scale. What is freaking wrong with me. Maybe, I’ll never know. Is this weird or what?

  28. To each their own. i just love beautiful babes of any nationality — is there a Latina Sirens out there as well?

  29. It’s the batanna scale damnit…placing some of the world’s most beatiful women from japan, down mid stream in the rating pool of life. Something’s wrong here and maybe it’s time for a new scale. 🙂

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