Peemai (aka Pimai)

Peemai (aka Pimai)

At Thai Scans I found this 21 year old Thai model named Peemai (actually her name is Sumonrat Wattanaserarat). You will find more photos there.

A google search led me to Asiansweetheart where many more photos of her can be found. Also there a YouTube clip, some so called ‘hidden camera’ vids, and to top it off: before- and after boob-job photos. Enjoy!

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  1. If there really is a GOD…she/he may prove him/herself to me by making me the meat in PEEMAI/GINA@PACIFIC BEAUTY sandwich.Failing that I reckon’ I’ll just have to get rich FASTER!

  2. news…i cant make up my mind if i prefer dark skin thai like Thitima or light skin thais…i guess they both have their pluses :)….still kicking myself for not making it to bangkok 🙁

  3. and adam must be pretty bored living in Bangkok eh?….just find me another thitima and i can die a happy man:)

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