Paul Frank goes Asian

Paul Frank

Well-known American designer Paul Frank goes Asian! Can anyone ID the model? And do you agree with me that Asian models should be used more often in Western advertisements? 😉

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  1. If I was to wear socks like those, I would be smashed hard in the head. But since it’s a designer, it is ok.
    Well, no, it’s not ok for me. Here is my vote against those socks. 🙂

    I’m with you Robin, I don’t even notice the blonde there.

  2. Yes, more Asian models in western ads. But hopefully not in that stereotypical, exotic, submissive, demure, fetishized mode. What a yawner that is.

    Those of us who know Asian women, no matter where they come from, understand they can be strong, vibrant, funny, playful and all-around supercool.

    The blonde obsession has always been a mystery to me, especially in the US, where my life experience tells me there are far more people with dark hair and dark eyes than those with blonde hair and blue eyes. Go figure?

    Hopefully, as the world becomes more international and mixed, media images will reflect that. I think we’re on the way.

  3. advertisments are related to marketing, and marketing is all about finding the target consumer. as the asian target market grows, we will see more asian models.

  4. I like NOTHING Paul Frank…but the model is TIGHT! There’s nothing meek or submissive
    about her pose.She’s lookin’ really OC…which would make sense because they’re based outta’ there.Curious choice.Does’nt Paul Frank play to the EMO/SK8R crowd?She’s the farthest thing from that.

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