Although I don’t believe one single word of her biography, she looks great and I definitely enjoyed her work. I’m talking about Papillon.

According to her bio she’s born in London and moved to Paris to do modelling work. She has worked with many French photographers suchs as Patrice Murciano, François-Jérôme, Viktor Tatran Maquilleuse, Stéphanie Recco, Sylvio Testa, François-Jérôme, and Guillaume Cosson.

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  1. Ah, found something!

    “Je suis née à Londres, d’origine Sicilienne, Thai, Chinoise et Coréenne”

    I was born in London, but am originally Sicilian, Thai, Chinese and Korean.

    (Did I translate that right?)

  2. You beat me to it Marco! I sent her an email asking for more biographical info in English, but I guess a Google master waits for no one. 😉

  3. BTW, I think she is one of the hottest models I’ve ever seen – great body, fabulous hair, and gorgeous face. What more could you want? 😉

  4. She’s beautiful and her first two photos are breathtaking. Anyone knows if she’s single? 🙂

    In her site she details how she got into the arts world. And in her blog she says she was selected to be one of the 15 finalists for Miss FHM 2007.

    Oh, Dr. Lee, she also says she is very busy at the moment and she is taking some time to reply to her contacts. But she says she will keep replying and reading them all. Be patient. 😉

  5. doc..just a tad bigger like a full C or Thitima would make this girl super hot…i saw the before and after pix of Thitima and the boob job really helps…true or not Adam? :))

  6. Totally hot as is; all is perfectly proportioned. Please, no more boob jobs. There are tens of thousands of Asians models in California who have ’em, if that’s what you seek.

  7. just a little bigger will give her more volume and fullness. as time goes by her boobs will deflate a little…thitima’s size is perfect.
    btw..why is she wearing my superman underwear? :))

  8. This is an aspect of natural boobs that people often don’t consider: they usually don’t age well. A good boob job will (literally!) hold up better over time.

  9. I agree with renagi, she’s perfect as is. And that is true for most of the Asian girls; it’s a pitty that they all try to fulfil the image that the world is showing them.

  10. For the first time in a long time, I disagree with you, doc. I think she is pretty, yes, but one of the hottest models Ive ever seen? meh…

  11. I guess I’m just a sucker for that long hair, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days unfortunately. Still, she does have a gorgeous face and a great body too, plus the photography is exceptional.

  12. What me really surprised is that I couldn’t find a single bit about her in the English part of the web. If she is from London and already did a lot of theatre and film, there must be something don’t you think? So the important question is, what is her name in the UK and the rest of the world?

    Funny that she is using the name Papillon as it was Sung Hi Lee (remember the Sandra Kim series shot by Adam?) who used the name Butterfly as well in her early days.

    Anyway, would be great if someone can help to find her other (nick)names!

  13. I’m still witing for her to respond to my email – I too would value any further information on this girl. For professional reasons only, of course. 😉

  14. (This comment was ment to go here, Marco’s last official post)
    I wonder if thanirz (aka marco and mr asian-sirens himself) will ever post again… 😐

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