Panward Hemmanee: A Rising Star in Thailand

Panward Hemmanee

Robin mentioned her in a posting on the Ultimate Asian Hotties List and today Asian Sweatheart put up a free photo gallery of Panward Hemmanee.

Panward Hemmanee, also known as “Pei”, is showing up in many places – on TV shows (e.g. Plueng Payu), in the magazines (e.g. FHM, MARS), and making appearances at night clubs. The Thai language forums have been buzzing about her too said Asian Sweetheart on her blog. So it’s about time to check her out myself!

Panward Hemmanee

Panward Hemmanee

Panward Hemmanee

A photo collage from the gossip magazine TV Inside shows Panward Hemmanee dancing wild at a night club in a very revealing outfit. The commentary isn't very polite. They say she was showing a lot of cheek and it was driving the 'old goats' crazy at the club (Source: Asian Sweetheart)

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0 thoughts on “Panward Hemmanee: A Rising Star in Thailand”

  1. I reiterate, with Doc Lee’s initial observance… “Damn”

    I work for those publications – in house mind you – and I walked out to lunch one day and had a girl (don’t know her name) talking up Mars, Maxim and Poojekhann ( stop me and say – in stunningly cute cutthroat English – “I sexy yes? No…?”

    She handed me a photo book of nude and near nudes that are acceptable in Thailand… “See Farang (foreigner) like!” she cooed to the agent and publicist in our midst…

    ‘I Like’ I replied in Thai..

    And went home for a cold shower. Can you beleive they turned her away?!?

    Its just wrong.

    But she had a private shoot later that I was happy to attend. Stunning I tell you – stunning.

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