CC Luv 西西

CC Luv is a very introspective model. Constantly she is posting long passages on her own insights to life. She pushes to be a better person than she is and wishes for the courage to live the life that she dreams of rather than one people choose for her.

Some great photos in this set. Including some of her make revealing work.

Tiffany Lin 甄馨

Tiffany Lin is an accomplished model in both Malaysia and Taiwan. She prides herself in her work and has had some pretty funny but honest outbursts in her time. She comments on her ability to work in the industry but still be in control of her own body.

In her work she strives to be a great virtual girlfriend for you and offers up sweet and innocent looks.

Irene Hong 洪詩

Also known as Poetry Hong, Irene is very gentle with her words and consciously tries to create beautiful uplifting phrases to accompany most of her photos. She is very motivational as well, preaching that if you aren’t able to do something overnight keep trying and you will succeed.

She likes someone who can make her laugh, wants to be a cat in her next life, and loves to dance.

Nagisa Shibuya 渋谷 凪咲

Nagisa Shibuya is a Japanese Idol that is a part of NMB48 a sister group to the ever popular AKB48.

She was born in Osaka on August 25th 1996.

Most of the photos in this set show off her serious side in very intimate settings. My favorites are of her drinking tee with a matching fleece too and socks.

I included some playful behind the scenes and recent lingerie photos (which are very rare for her).

Angela Kuo 郭鬼鬼

I have to say the thing I’m drawn to most about Angela Kuo is her personality. When she talks she is so expressive and bold with her body language and it shows in the pictures I have chosen for today’s post.

She makes some of the cutest and most adorable faces and I wanted to share that. Yes… she is beautiful, traditionally, but it’s her passion that makes her photos shine for me.

Angela Kuo was born in Taiwan in 1995. Before her rise to fame in 2017 she worked at a hotel.

In 2019, she appeared at the TRE Taipei International Adult Exhibition and from there her popularity has continued to surge.

From interviews to photo shoots, Angela Kuo continues to attract the right kind of attention.

Angela loves bowling and cosplay. 

I especially enjoy the tea set photos included in this set. It gives a wonderful POV of a date at a fancy onsen with Angela Kuo.

Tang Xiang 唐琦琦

Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Gucci? 

You are talking Tang Xiang’s love language. 

 She loves to make these, and other, designer brands the focal point of her photos. I consider the different ways, she works them in, one of her talents.

 Tang Xiang is a beautiful girl, and I very much enjoy her work. Of the photos in this set I’m partial to the group Supreme inflatable raft shot.

Her birthday is July 2nd.