Packing with Kobe Tai

Very funny clip with adult actress Kobe Tai. I just realized we didn’t feature her before on Asian-Sirens! Shame on us!

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  1. She’s cute and sexy, but, unless I’ve been watching the wrong pornstar for the last 5 years, she’s not Kobe Tai!

  2. OMG! Like, my Kobe Tai obsession is finally paying off! OMG!

    The clip was taken from the now-defunct “Man Show” (with now-late nighter Jimmy Kimmel).

    I saw the tv broadcast and I can say that, yes, the lovely creature bouncing up and down on my overstuffed, um, suitcase is indeed the almighty Kobe Tai.

    Hear me now, believe me latter, it’s Kobe. I’ve viewed her from pretty much every angle and it’s her. Kobe’s look does change over the years. Compare her earlier works to how she looks in her last pre-retirement feature, “Jenna Loves Kobe”, the same but different.

    And yes, Robin, shame, nay! double shame on you for excluding the marvelous Kobe from your site until now. I think you have a bit of catching up to do, don’t you? 🙂

    GO KOBE!

  3. Oh all this time I thought Krazy4Kobe was an LA Lakers fan! You’re Krazy for THIS Kobe! I was a little worried about you. I guess it questions my priorities as well…hmmmm.

  4. Completely discounting the fact that he’s an African American MALE, Kobe B. weighs in at 6’6″ 200 lbs. Not the ideal stats for an Asian hottie.

    Now, Kobe T. on the other hand floats in at a delicious 5’3″ 90 lbs (that’s 90 lbs of YUM!). As you can see by the video, Kobe is the perfect size to fit in my suitcase.

    Although, now that you mention it…both Kobe’s did make a career out of playing with balls…

  5. Great finds Zam!

    I’ve maintained many years the website Kobe Tai Revealed (not online anymore) and met her once in LA when she had a show in Crazy Horses (or something like that). I’m sure Mike will remember 😉

    Together with Sung Hi Lee and Jun Kusanagi, Kobe Tai was definitely one of my favorites.

    But is she still in business?

  6. She doesn’t look Asian anymore.
    As if she’s had extreme cosmetic surgery.

    The last movie I saw her in was Ancient Asian Sex Secrets and she looked so much more Asian then.

    Now she just looks like a thin White girl. LAME

  7. Captain Kobe to the rescue!

    CLMan — “Ancient Asian Sex Secrets” was done in 1997 (when she was 27, a few years before this packing clip). As I mentioned, Kobe’s look does change over the years but I don’t think she’s had any kind of face surgery — just natural aging and different make-up and hair styles.

    Marco — Agreed. SHL and Kobe have cemented themselves in my Top 5 Babes List (Asian or otherwise!). They flip back and forth but I have to say that if SHL had chosen a career in hardcore porn she would be, without a doubt, my all-time #1 hottie!

    As for Kobe’s career, she was only in the biz for about 5 years, 1996-2000/01. She “retired” to have a child, then made an ultra-brief return to porn in 2003 to do “Jenna Loves Kobe” before she retired for good at the still lustable age of thirty-three.

    Thank God for DVD!

  8. Does anyone have any fairly recent
    pictures of Kobe Tai? Also, who
    did she end up marrying after her
    divorce from Stephen Scott?
    We’re just curious what’s she’s up to
    after retirement. (Of course we
    respect her privacy.)

  9. Who said she re-married? I hope she didn’t, that would still give me 0.0001% of a chance to score with her! ha!

    No recent (post “J-L-K”) pics of her. There is still an “official” Kobe Tai site but not sure if she has anything to do with it. Even the copyright on the site is dated 2001.

    My guess is that she’s just hanging out in ex-pornstar suburbia, happy to be a soccer mom.

  10. Hmmm, interesting Krazy4Kobe! It means that I met Kobe just before she retired. And it wouldn’t surprise me either that she has nothing to do with her official website and that they have plenty of digital material to fill the site for years.

  11. The folks that run her “official” website ave a myspace account that claims to be her at
    What’s a joke is that it in the profile it says something to the effect of “I’m barely 5 feet tall” when she’s really 5’3″ (ha ha, those 3 extra inches count!).

    There also some other heresay info which may or may not be true in the bulletin board comments section of her ex husband’s entry in

    Yup, she’s probably in surburbia heaven now. The last time we saw her was at an autograph signing where she had a big honking wedding rock. She could definitely pass for a MILF.

  12. Just in case someone is interested, I’ve uploaded Kobe Tai Revealed, my old fansite for Kobe. Unfortunately I couldn’t find all images and I guess a lot of links don’t work anymore (last update somewhere in 2001).

    And don’t tell Kobe, she wasn’t very happy back in 2001 that my site got more traffic than hers 😉

  13. you guys must be nuts for saying she don’t look asian anymore or looks like a thin white girl. that’s such a gross thing to say about kobe. i must say thanks to marco for bringing kobe back out of retirement. also don’t see much masculinity there also.

  14. From Wikipedia:

    (…) Tai was born in Taipei, Taiwan and was later adopted by an American family in Arkansas when she was five months old. As a result, she has dual nationality. She attended the University of Arkansas.

    Tai married adult film actor Steven Scott, who performs under the name Mark Davis, in 1997. The couple divorced in 1999, though she continues to use the name Carla Scott.

    In 2000, she left the industry, announcing that she was expecting her first child. She had a son, born sometime late 2000 to early 2001. She returned to pornography in December 2001; her last film was Jenna Loves Kobe with Jenna Jameson. Since then, Tai has disappeared from the industry and is presumed to have left it behind permanently.

    Along with Asia Carrera, she is regarded as one of the top Asian female porn stars of all time. (…)

    So she isn’t in business anymore for a long time now.

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