Pacific USA 2006 Calendar

Pacific USA 2006 Calendar

[A Message For Our Indonesian Friends (in Indonesian)]

Adam Yurman has been producing one of the most well known Asian Beauty calendar in the world since 1994. We already mentioned that Tiara Lestar is the cover model of the Pacific USA 2006 Calendar but thanks to Zamscan we now also have a scan from the back cover.

Pacific USA 2006 Calendar (back cover)

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  1. Tiara Lestar, hmm…I wonder what her real name (Thai name) is. She’s good looking for sure, definitely farang spec as we say, meaning farang (westerners) would like her because she’s dark skinned and has that up-country girl look. That look is not popular in Thailand where the hot models and stars are fair skinned and cosmopolitan looking. She’s smart to be working overseas.

  2. It seems my taste is more in line with the Thai themsleves – the sort of dark-skinned look Tiara has is just too ‘primitive’ looking for my taste.

  3. It gets hotly debated at times but of course its all personal preference. Since I moved to Thailand I noticed my tastes changing more toward the locals’ tastes. I used to get real excited about sexy tanned skinned Asians but now when I look at them side-by-side with fairer skinned lookers in Bangkok the dark ones don’t do get me as excited anymore.

  4. I saw that post and thought the same, that I wouldn’t have thought she was Thai. But the truth is there are many different looks among the Thai ladies, many. So Jang could very well be Thai. She looks like she has some Chinese influence but at the same time she has a longer face than most of the Thai/Chinese I see (they’re usually more round-faced).

    I have seen some Thai ladies that look a bit like Jang. Her look would be popular here, a bit different and fair skinned. Watching Thai TV I see some actresses somewhat similar looking.

    Because there are so many different looks, and more blending than ever, I usually have to look at the name and see if there is any clue. Jang is a Thai nickname for ladies so that is one clue. But they always change their names for the international audience – most Thai names are difficult for non-Thais.

  5. If that’s true that would be interesting. I’m no expert on Indonesian ladies but I see a lot of the Indo TV stars on the Indo channels on my cable and never seen one who looked anything like Jang.

  6. Sorry, I was thinking of Jang in my last post, not Tiara.

    Jang definitely does not look Indo, but Tiara looks more like she might be Indo. She also could be Thai and living in Indonesia now.

  7. No, I read a local newspaper about her that she came from Indonesia, her full name is Tiara Lestari not Lestar (that’s what they wrote). And maybe she use an alias to cover up her origin.

    You know in Indonesia weren’t as tolerable as other country that so permissive with adult art (nudity).

    In fact many people still offended with sexy photo in local FHM magz like organization so called FPI who like to take action first (punch, destroy, etc) and talk later.

    I was wondered how Indonesian will react about her, well we will see then.

  8. hmmmmm
    is she really indonesians models???
    if it’s true than well done.
    good jod try harder more……
    why don’t you make the muvee???

  9. because tiara is a well know model in indonesia, usually he just do a bikini photoshoot, or other sexy magazine and fashion show, and indonesia is eastern culture… but thats old fashion, now?…. not really innocent culture anymore. thats why indonesian are really surprise to know pure indonesia ethnique are doing photoshoot for playboy. (sorry for not so good english coment)

  10. The latest news of Tiara Lestari aka Amara aka Ayu Lestari(this is her real name). She is very depressed now as all indonesian people against her pose on Playboy Magazine. She even locked herself home because she couldn’t go outside as some group terrors her regarding of her pose on playboy magazine. Tiara Lestari was raised by very strong moslem family and originally come from Solo West Java.She is oldest in her family. Hmm..let see what’s gonna happen 🙂

  11. Yo indogirl … I thought Tiara lived in singapore with her (lawyer) boyfriend in some penthouse or sumthin’ . True she is from Indonesia, from a town called Solo ?? But since she Go Internatonal, she’s been living in singapore …

    I dont think she would depressed, coz since the controversee (what kind word is this, did I said right 🙂 ??) about Indo send their delegation to miss universe has been cooling off (the delegation only wearing swimsuit, not a bikini 🙁 I forgot her name was) I think it just family announcement, that prohibite reporter/media to blow up the news more …

    She hasnt being arrested, hasnt she …?? If true shes in Solo … then I just 2 hour from there & there is nothing news here 🙁

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