Our Top 10 Posters and Commenters…

As most of you know I’ve haven’t been posting a whole lot anymore here on this great site lately. A busy family life is the most important reason for my absence (yes, she is Asian ;-)).

But looking at the statistics I must say I am surprised to see I am still the dude with the most entries online! But if TravisStroup keeps posting daily, like he has been doing for the past couple of months, he will overtake me in approximately… 644 days! 😉

Our top commenter is of course by far our own Dr. Lee! I don’t think anybody will take that position. Ever! 😉

Below you’ll see the figures as a Top 10.

Top 10 Posters


Top 10 Commenters


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0 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Posters and Commenters…”

  1. Wow, Christine’s still in the top 10! I still talk to her privately, but I really do miss her very witty and intelligent comments here, not to mention her wonderfully well researched and written posts. Sadly she’s just too busy in real life these days.

    I do agree my place at the top is probably secure. 😉

  2. I miss Christine’s stuff too, but life comes first. Maybe someone else will come along and want to post here. I would, but I’m too busy myself, plus there isn’t enough stuff for me to write about when it comes to Asians that I could put time in to write a well thought out article. So I’ll just stick to commenting for now. Looks like I’ll be at the #6 spot for a while.

  3. This kinda scares me! I wrote 1400 comments? For real? Averaging 3 minutes for each post reading and comment, that means I’ve spent around 70 hours here in AS. But that’s at the minimum. I know I’ve been spending a lot more time here.

    christine is busy with real life? Does that mean we don’t have as much real life as she does?? lol

  4. Alright CEC: your backhanded swipes at the other contributors here are really starting to get tiresome. I prefer to write longer and more detailed posts too, but that doesn’t mean shorter and more frequent posts don’t have their place, and they are certainly appreciated by our readers. I greatly appreciate what Travis, Mike and our other contributors do for our site, just as I appreciate what you do. But you really should learn to be a team player – if we have to choose between you and the rest of our team, I think you know which way we would have to decide.

  5. As for Christine, I think she does have more real life than most of us. 🙂 She’s certainly very ambitious (and busy as a result), as she probably should be with her intellect at this stage of her life!

    And her posts and comments were very high quality as well as being frequent (during her all too short stay with us).

  6. Interesting how LawBoy is number two – he’s been very quiet lately. I wonder what he’s up to? I guess he’s spending more time in VN – can’t say I blame him. 😉

  7. Ha! Yeah. I’ll start posting every day once AS gets bought by Google and they pay me in stock. Although at the moment I only make posts on girls. If I start adding news, photos, updates and video, then you better watch out Robin!!

    Northman shouldn’t be a problem. Marco should be trembling, though. Watch out now!

  8. ha ha doc…i’ve been lurking….FB got a tad interesting but no boobs…. 🙂 no VN yet until JULY :))

  9. Hey Robin… can you e-mail the posting tool thingy again, I seem to have misplaced in during my move to SD from LV… haha!

    On a more relevant note: I will make a determined effort to gain a position on at least one of those lists! I swear by Elvis’ Jumpsuits! Haha!

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