Nude photos of Vanessa Minnillo vacationing in Mexico

Vanessa Minnillo

This is fairly old news (it happened in mid-August), but 26-year-old half-Filipina half-Irish/Italian Vanessa Minnillo and current beau Nick Lachey (of former boyband 98 Degrees) took a vacation to Mexico this summer. A paparazzo, using a long-range lens, was able to snap nude photos of the couple at their villa, having sex outdoors by the pool and hot tub.Life&Style Weekly was the first to publish the censored shots. Later, a Spanish magazine published the uncensored versions. The photos from this post come from scans of this Spanish magazine, which, in addition to the fact that the paparazzo was shooting from a distance, explains the poor image quality. I could not find the name of the publication online.

Vanessa Minnillo

What do you think of the “real” Vanessa Minnillo? At least we know her (or Nick’s) stance on pubic hair — she’s keeping it a jungle down there!

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  1. He’s sooo unworthy.I don’t think she’s naturally inclined to be skinny.That’s from her White daddy.She is sexy thick.Something that’ll work up to ’bout age 26-27.Get away from her…you tic-tac swinging boy-bander!

  2. are you saying sexy thick will work up till about 26-27 or are you saying that her skinniness is going to work till about 26-27?

    personally i think she’d look better if she filled out a bit. she looks like she could be curvier with some more weight, and that would be a lot hotter than trying to look like a stick.

  3. Typical Pinay body, thick through the middle. The hip-to-waist ratio is usually small on Filipinas, so I would say didn’t get this from her “white” side.

  4. I’ve met her.She’s built more like a White girl softball player.Skinny does’nt come to mind.Her first cosmetic procedure should be lipo on the chipmunk cheeks.She’s starting to lose the cute cheek dimples.You can see it in the pic.Jeter got the best of it.

  5. Man she looks a mess. What happened? She would look better if she filled out a bit because she looks so uncute in that photo. And that va-jay-jay looks scary.

  6. look closely, guys, she has some curves – it’s deceiving because the wall behind her in the second pic kind of has the same color as her skin, but on her right side you all should be discerning and see that she isn’t completely stocky

  7. Will we have to wait two months for the Vanessa Hudgens nudes? The tan lines are 80’s and so is the pubic hair, but I love those 1980’s — and girls with pubic hair brings back a lot of nice memories… hehe

  8. Doesn’t the face on the second photo look photoshopped on? Something about it doesn’t look right to me. As far as I know, there is only one supposed Vanessa Hudgen nude photo circulating but many are questioning if it is just a look alike since it doesn’t exactly match the MO of how the nude photos were described earlier (gold chain around her waist).

    Lee: Christine finally did a nude post??? I guess you forgot this one of Bauko Eichi.

  9. no, vanessa hudgens’ publicist confirmed it was real this morning. unfortunately a lot of people have taken the nude down – a mix of getting attacked by lawyers and also just feeling bad for the poor girl (i’ve seen it, questioned it, passed it off as bullshit but now i’m eating my words as i would’ve posted it here)

  10. Vanessa Hudgens quote from Wikipedia: “Pretty much I’m Filipino and Caucasian, but within that, I’m Spanish, Chinese, American Indian, Irish.”

  11. Heh, funny you should post this. Earlier today, I was looking for this very picture after seeing the censored version somewhere, but came up empty. Thanks, Christine!

  12. Tan lines are terrible…

    While you guys are happy that christine did a nude post, I’m very upset with the GUY that is on the front page of AS right now. What has the world come to??

  13. Oops, sorry I forgot about the Bauko Eichi post! I guess the reason was that she did that one begrudgingly; this is the first time Christine has willingly done a nude post!

  14. haha i don’t even consider this porn! i still think of it as entertainment news so that’s why i’m ok with it. it’s like when those pictures of lindsay lohan’s vagina leaked, i totally peeped—who wouldn’t? and i’ve seen the paris hilton sex tape, since hell—you wonder if the socialite is any good in bed. and now these photos of vanessa minnillo…well, i think she still has a pretty nice body for someone who doesn’t model professionally (she’s just a vj, after all), but i don’t like that her boobs are lopsided and that her tan is crazy deep

  15. “Jeter got the best of it.” Man, you Yankee fans living vicariously through the guy’s meat and two veg…

  16. Christine, I’m impressed about the photo scrutiny on #2–and amused! You scan these things as close as I do looking for nice waists. You are absolutely right, there is a nice camouflaged curve in that pic.

    Who is this woman though? I have a suspicion that there really is no reason I should know about her.

  17. Bubalabobo, Vanessa Minnillo is a former MTV VJ. She cohosted the popular MTV show TRL, aka Total Request Live for quite some time. That’s her main claim to fame.

    I remember seeing her on the cover of Lucky magazine, and I’m not sure if she’s appeared on any other covers, but she’s a C-list celebrity in my opinion. She has also been a Maxim covergirl, but any hot new actress/musician/comedienne (I mean, come on, SARAH SILVERMAN was on the cover of US Maxim…totally undeserved) poses for Maxim at least once in her lifetime.

    When she started dating Nick Lachey, obviously she placed her foot somewhat more permanently in stardom, but I’m sure that if/when their relationship dissolves, she’s going to be a nobody again.

  18. Christine, thanks for correcting us in that she does in fact have a curvy waist, but those tits? I mean really: one pointing straight up the other down? Kinda freaky I guess. I sure hate surgery…

    Please no more guys on the home page. If you must, at least don’t make it the lead photo!

  19. well luvjgirls, you know, … we do have a growing female audience 😉 😉 😉 i’m just doing the least i could do to rep the double x chromosomes out there

  20. shes’s got JDM (japanese domestic market) pubes…Nick is a lucky bastard..he wasted Jessica’s exposing Vanessa JDM pubes…lol

  21. well, it’s pretty damn good garbage then, considering the views it’s gotten. check out that count. yeah, you can’t argue with that

  22. that is so sad that she’s got nude pics on the web already. she’s barely 18! she even looks like a kid. sigh

  23. her main claim to fame is the disney channel movie high school musical (and it’s sequel, hsm 2). hsm is SUPER popular among the kids…it’s raking in millions for disney

    i mean, geez, she’s a disney channel star…that makes me feel even worse for her vis-a-vis the leaked pictures

  24. On a more serious note, I might be able to feel sorry for her if these were taken on the sly, but that clearly is not the case. This was an absolutely conscious decision on her part, and she has to live with the consequences.

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