Nina Carla @

Nina Carla @

Check out a free gallery of Filipina/Spanish import model Nina Carla at

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  1. ok, that butt is photoshopped on so poorly it’s not even funny. they could’ve at least tried to fix the way the shadows or the light acted on the back

  2. She’s hot…but I’ve noticed a lot of these hot ladies have the same expression and make up artist (look). Kind of like a cookie cutter. Good thing I like cookies.

  3. she’s hot.

    But please when was the last time the Conquistadors were in the Philippines?

    she is 100% pinay girl.

    I’m having a hard time deciding whether VN girls are hotter or Pinays.

    Maybe one day i can find a mix?!

  4. LOL…I promise to try not to hurt anyones feelings anymore.
    Yep, she’s hot for sure. I prefer a more natural Asian “look”, but not doubt she was USA born and bred, therefore the bad: too much make-up and hair coloring and the good: she works out (nice calves)!

  5. i think am going to have to marry a asian-siren any websites on how to meet/date or personal email these asian-sirens. Wow there so Hot!!!

  6. It has been mentioned on this forum before that Filipinas often like to say they’re mixed with Spanish to make themselves look more “classy”, whether they actually are or not. I wish they’d stop with this insecure BS and just be honest. Now lamboap is going to claim that this is a racist comment. 😉

    I agree this girl does look pretty hot in some shots, although I feel she looks a bit harsh in the ModFX pics. I think she’d look good if she reverted to her natural hair colour and lightened up on the makeup.

  7. ctrl+a
    fitler >> gausian blur // opacity 10 // saturation++

    She actually doesn’t look too bad though in the cover shot. =D

  8. lol. the moderator is trolling his own forum. @Doc: I’ll thank you in advance for not including me in any of your future attempts at flame baiting.

  9. i like her especially that i dont see any tats. thats a plus. nice figure and cute face. i think her nose looking over her left shoulder looked strange but its minor. a hot pinay for sure and i like pinays a lot.

  10. I just state the facts as I see them as always (within our posting guidelines of course), which it seems can get people worked up sometimes, even though that is not my intention. But it has become quite predictable as to what gets under lamboap’s skin. 😉

  11. I’ve always thought Philipinos had a spanish/mexican look to them. I do think they have some latino blood in them due in part to the Spaniards colonising that country during the 15 – 18th century. 300 years of Spanish influence must have had some effect on their bloodline.
    Anyways, back to the girl.. Yea, she’s hot. Got a bangin body too.

  12. She’s pretty, and hot I guess. But I do not like girls who look like they can kick my ass, if you know what I mean, I prefer more feminine and girly girls. Girls with manly features scare me, it’s just me though. She’s hot, but I can’t say that she’s pretty or cute.

  13. She’s really hot, like her strong body and her lips.

    Many pinays really like to enhance their spanish side, but there is some truth in it. Spanish ruled the country till 1900, so there are some close ancestors (grandparents) that may have been spanish. Filipinas have a great mix of asian traces and latin attitude.

    Given that asians and latins are among the hottest women in the world, it’s no wonder that filipinas are so appealing to many guys.

  14. She’s got some fine curves, but I think the retoucher got carried away with the photoshopping. That first pic in Candyman’s post has her left cheek half blurred out! I’m going to stare at it some more anyway.

  15. p.s. that first pic in candyman’s post shows that the guy digitally enhanced the ass by airbrushing out previous lines (note single color of buttcheek) and adding new ones in to create a fuller looking ass. but being that it’s hard to create new shadows/lines, since clone tool would’ve created edges at the wrong angles/proportions, he probably just ran his blur tool over it or gaussian blurred that whole area.

  16. Boy, untouched model pics like my photos on Sachiko’s site, are a real rarity these days, aren’t they? Sadly however, it seems few people realise this – you almost never see what models really look like any more, but people still seem to trust their photos.

  17. What’s really sad is that i doubt that she really needed to have her ass photoshopped in the first place. I’m sure the real thing is just fine:-)

  18. Hey guys,

    I dont think her ass is photoshoped…check out her youtube videos….its shows her ass on the videos! Can’t photoshop that!!!

    Do your research people!!!


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