Nikoma Lee

Nikoma Lee

As you know, I do not like blond hair on Asian women. But I was really attracted to the fact that this girl is half American Indian, half Korean. I have never talked about it openly (except here if you read carefully ;-)), but I do like the ‘native-American Indian’ look. And mixed with Korean blood, this is what you get! According to her MySpace, she is “25%American Indian 25%African American %50 Korean 100% FOB”. Well, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me… :-\Some facts:

Name: Nikoma Lee
Birthdate: August 7, 1981
Ethnicity: American Indian / Korean
Location: Los Angeles
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 106 lbs.
Measurements: 34-21-35
Dress Size: 3
Shoe: 7.5
Eyes: Brown (but the blue lenses give a nice touch to them)
Hair: Blonde (she looks like a natural ‘black’ to me though ;-))
Associate Degree from FIDM in Design and Marketing and Merchandising

Nikoma Lee on the web:

Nikoma Lee Yahoo Group
Nikoma Lee MySpace
Nikoma Lee official site Seems to be gone.
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Nikoma Lee

Nikoma Lee

Nikoma Lee

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  1. With the surgery, bleached hair and fake eyebrows I don’t think it matters what her heritage is! Yet more Asian American plastic I’m sorry to say… 🙁

  2. With the blond hair I don’t like her, she looks better on the last picture with her natural hair color, but as already said, plastic fantastic

  3. I think the greatest percentage of facial surgery (particularly eyelid surgery) happens in Asia (the Japanese and Korean women get the most). This is in addition to all the skin-whitening and breast augmentation that goes on over there.

    There are simply more Asian-American models in print so it seems like they get this surgery more often.

    An example:
    50 percent of Korean women in their 20s have had some form of plastic surgery:


    And this quote taken from here:

    “The number of patients in Asia has led to a significant growth in surgeons performing this procedure, whether qualified or not. In some Asian cities, it is difficult to find girls who have not had some type of eye lid surgery. The average cost of surgery in Asia is about $1000 (US) compared to about $4-5000(US) in North America. And together with that has been an exponential rise in the number of complications.”

    It really isn’t just an American thing.

  4. As for Nikoma, I think she possibly might have fake breasts, but I still don’t like her! Regarding the prevalance of plastic surgery (thanks for the links!), as I’ve said repeatedly Korea is a mecca for good plastic surgery. The sort of bad plastic surgery I complain about is largely unique to the US.

  5. Good point Robin! 😉

    Still, I guess you already know my definition is that the results look natural instead of plastic, and should be an improvement. But I agree the second part is open to interpretation…

  6. I have never had ANY plastic surgery, and Im sorry that you dont like my blonde hair :(. If it matters which Im sure it doesnt Im not blonde anymore, personally I didnt like it that muchme either. 🙂 And those pictures of me are pretty old, My newer ones are more natural and much better. Good and Bad, I appreciate everyones comments, but you should judge people by looks *especially when you cannot tell real from fake*

    – God Bless,

    Nikoma Lee.

  7. Hi Nikoma, thanks for dropping by. I should point out that when I say surgery I mean it it in the most general sense e.g. including the removal of your natural eyebrows, which you clearly have done (along with pretty much every other Asian model in the US these days actually).

    I’m very interested to see your more recent pics – where can we see them?

  8. Hi Nikoma,

    Nice to hear from you, and glad your hair is back to beautiful black 🙂

    Yes, the recent pics, I would like to see!

    Ohw, now that I can ask you yourself, the ethnicity % thing wasn’t very clear to me… Could you clarify that for me so I can update the posting?

    All the best to you and your career.

  9. Dr. Lee, Have I ever EVER seen you in person? I dont believe so, which leads me to believe that your an idiot. How can you assume without having had met me what I do and dont have? Im sorry but assumption is the mother of all %@#$ -ups. So your supposed to be a dr.? In What? Last time I checked they didnt just give out M.D’s and PHD’s to jackasses. And now you insult my intelligence by trying to say that, that is not what you were saying and that you were talking about eyebrows…. C’mon, I got to UCLA and Im getting my PHD in Architecture, give me a break. And how do you not like someone you know nothing about?

  10. Hi Nikoma. While I maintain it is unquestionable that you’ve had surgery to remove your natural eyebrows, I’m not certain about anything else, so it is perhaps unfair that my comments have led to a thread regarding bad plastic surgery in the US. While this wasn’t my intention, I nevertheless apologise. Also, when I say ‘like’, I am of course talking about your appearance, but in retrospect I shouldn’t have said as such (even if it was just in response to Jon’s comment as to whether I like you or not). Once again, I apologise for any offence I may have caused.

    I certainly don’t have anything against you personally (as you say I don’t know you), but this a site for discussing models, so we naturally focus on their looks. The ‘American plastic’ look you have (whether it’s through surgery or just your makeup and style) simply isn’t to my taste.

  11. Dear Asian Sirens,

    Congratulations to those involved on this here thread. Its better than the usual.

    Well, the point as i see it, is not so much what the model looks like in person, but rather how you like your images. Isnt cosmetic surgery a tool for altering appearance, just like Photoshop(c)? I guess that all of the tricks photographers use during a photoshoot are also meant to alter the models appearance. If all we have is the photo, then everthing we have is appearance; eyelids, skin tone, breast size, etc.

    Lots of guys like cartoons, or even cos-play, where the real person is even more clearly a mythical animal. Should we discuss wehter Laura Croft has had ‘enhancement’? (I say she definetly has.)

    What I mean is, youre looking at an image anyway, and as the lady herself has pointed out, we havent ever seen her in person, which means all we have is her appearance. Its really mythical; really academic. I guesss thats why they call you the Doctor.

    But wait. Theres more than just the image here, isnt there? Speak of the image, and next thing you know she’s cussing you out. I guess you know its the real thing when it bites you back. Or do you?

    And by the way, Doc, you really do know how to talk to ladies. yup. I still got beer running out of my nostrils from that one.

    ok. thats the best i can do for now. excuse me, i gotta go to the bathroom.

  12. Beautiful. Stunning. Lovely like a field of flowers on the perfect Spring morning. I breathe a melancholy sigh, knowing she can never be mine, and yet I am better for having encountered such beauty.

    I never question. I simply look and enjoy.

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