Nikita Esco

Nikita Esco

I first happened upon sexy Nikita Esco on photographer Lawrence Gayso’s site Finest All Stars. At first glance, I thought sure she was of Filipina decent, but I was wrong. It turns out Nikita is a beautiful mix of Chinese and French. She’s currently living in Seattle, Washington.

Nikita’s official website is up, but still appears to be under construction. But some searching around the net turned up quite a few sites with her pics including her MySpace page. Like many young models on MySpace, she likes to post candid pictures of herself out partying with her girlfriends.

Some Nikita trivia learned; she’s double jointed in her arms and has had sex in a car. For more hot shots of 1.60m (5’3″) Nikita, click on

Nikita Esco

Nikita Esco

Nikita Esco

Nikita Esco

Nikita Esco

Thank you to photographers Lawrence Gayoso and Michael Vincent for the images of Nikita.

Links for Nikita Esco

Nikita’s Official Website
Nikita’s MySpace Page
Nikita on Finest All Stars
Nikita on Modelography
Nikita on Hip-Hop Honeys
Nikita on SRO Magazine

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  1. Quite an exotic looking girl – very ‘mixed’ for want of a better word. One odd thing though: why does she always open her mouth in the photos above? 😉

  2. I think women with mixed blood (Asian in this case) can be very beautiful! Different combinations make new unique appearances. Wow.

    In this troubled world, female beauty is one thing that makes life worth while 😉
    Keep mixing people! 😛

  3. OT Question: In countries that use metric, is it more conventional to give height as 160cm or 1.6m? Or is either way equally acceptable? Lee? Robin?

    Just curious!

  4. I’ve decided to start putting metric before english in my postings. As an engineer, I know full well the benefit of metric over english. Plus, more of the world uses it anyway. The USA had intentions to covert back in the 70’s, but then Reagan was elected. Then whatever big business wanted, big business got. Goodbye to metric. Very sad.

    I enjoy looking at all 1.6m of Nikita! (not so off topic now!)

  5. Wow, very pretty!! Your right she does look filipina…….there’s something about that Asian and French mix that’s soooooo sexy. You see that in French / Vietnamese girls and now Chinese / French….nice mix!!!

  6. I’m loving the Asian/French mix. Nikita says her tattoo says big fish with the pisces zodiac sign. I hope she doesn’t get anymore tattoos because her skin is gorgeous.

  7. Hi NorthMan. When you say ‘english’, I guess you really mean ‘imperial’, right? Interestingly, the English themselves have moved to metric – the US is the only major holdout (like I’ve said before, they always have to be different!).

  8. i believe US & Myanmar are only non-metric holdouts.

    virtually any US company that is global (like mine) operates on metric system. ordinary americans are a different story, though. most of them think metric is dastardly difficult & i spend hours explaing to my co-workers how to move between both systems. weird thing: when it comes to rough estimating of distance i use feet & yards, but then promptly switch to mm & cm, when precision is needed.
    by the way being 190cm tall sounds better that being 6’3″.

  9. thanks. i go it. just need some time to sober up before i try to post a flickr link to 1000 of japanese car show babes.

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