Ngọc Anh


I know nothing about Ngọc Anh. All I know is that I wanted to feature a Vietnamese model, so I picked her, and I know she had something to do with “Miss Audition” because I saw that pop up a lot, but that’s it. She’s posing with a baby in a photo. Did she have a baby? Did she steal someone’s baby? Maybe she found the baby in a well? So many questions unanswered.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Vietnam








Tamtay 1
Tamtay 2

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0 thoughts on “Ngọc Anh”

  1. Very pretty… but i have a feeling a relationship with this lady would leave your credit card a bit empty…

  2. Very photogenic!
    lol..does Ngoc rhyme with clock? or…you know..dock?
    So dipper, if you are going to treat us to a rhyme, be very careful!
    And not only how you say it.

  3. I think Ngọc Anh is about 24 right now, in 2006 she was Miss Audition (Audition is a very popular online dancing game with teens). She got married and had a baby when she was 20, which is early by urban Vietnam standards.

    Her full name is “Au Ngọc Anh” (Au is her family name) and her friends would call her “Ngọc Anh” not just “Ngọc”.

    “Ngọc” is pronounced like the “ng” in “singing” + the sound “op” as in “cop”, with a rapidly falling and halting tone. “Anh” is pronounced like “ang” as in “angle” (northern VN, she’s from Hanoi), or “an” as in “answer” (southern VN).

  4. Kewl thanks pezster.
    All clear dipper?
    Oh and by the way, some of us pronounce ‘answer’ as ‘arnswer’. So, I’m assuming it’s ‘an’ as in something like ‘man’ or ‘hand’; words that (I don’t think) are ambiguous.

  5. Second and third photos aren’t good photos of her..bad lighting in the third.

    Cute girl…I would like to see get in more form fitting outfits that shows off her figure.

  6. Sorry, tack. I’m not even going to try. I took stabs at the name for quite awhile and was just told to shut up.

    I thought about a Ngoc Anh – rock on angle, but decided not.

    Looking at the photos I’d peg her at about 5’2″ and 100-110 lb. The other sites didn’t have much more in pix or were flagged by my virus scan as dangerous.

    Taking Nancy’s comment in mind – in today’s Vietnam, is modesty considered a virtue? I wonder if a married woman with child(ren) would not be modeling much due to family pressures, and, as a result would have a limited portfolio.

  7. Yes, a little fill flash on her face in the 3rd pic would have compensated for the window’s backlighting.
    I don’t care about the lighting in the 2nd one; I can see her nice legs clearly, and she does have nice pins.
    ahhh now I know why those sites didn’t open. a virus you say dipper?
    Ngoc on Wood!

  8. “Ngọc” is pronounced like the “ng” in “singing” + the sound “op” as in “cop”, with a rapidly falling and halting tone.

    Yes – with the emphasis on that “rapidly falling and halting tone”. Make sure it isn’t a rising tone, or the date will be over very quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The main problem with photo’s 2&3 is that the bricklayer seems to have put half the bricks on their side, craftsmen really aren’t what they used to be!

  10. Anybody else get their rocks off on brick porn?????

    I guess there’s mortar porn than just hot woman showing their bits…

  11. Wow the “double sense” here is pretty thick, but nicely done: @longtack with “Ngoc on Wood” and the venerable Dr Lee’s ironic comment about the “rising tone, or the date will be over very quickly”

  12. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    pleased to see Doc isn’t groaning any more at the puns, which seem to be coming out of the …err …brickwork now.

  13. They can’t all be gems doc!
    Except kroos’ efforts of course (glare! and grumbles..teacher’s pet!)
    nm..onward and upwards.
    How about some Ngoc Ngoc jokes then?

  14. Would you guys Ngoc it off?

    So, Nguyen will we see more Viets here? I mean, the girls are really Phan-tastic & I wouldn’t Lai to you, uh-Huynh.

    I’ve probably insulted our own Nancy Bui. Apologies. The women are beautiful and the food is fantastic and the country is pretty. Leave it there.

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