New photosets of Lola @

Lola @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

We featured Lola before, but Adam just sent me this great photo that knocked me of my feet instantly. He says Lola is currently on her way around the globe being shown to various editors at the better magazines. She is also at Pacific Beauty of course.

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  1. Rika Uesugi (last post) is gorgeous. Lola should have trusted mother nature (as her efforts to improve on her work were counterproductive).

  2. I don’t agree. Lola is one of my favorite newcomers. Gorgeous and an amazing (some parts man made) body!

  3. Good God! There’s nothing hotter than a beautiful woman with a tight body and glistening skin.

  4. I have to wonder how Knarf, who mentions that Lola should have trusted “Mother Nature” with what she was born with can know anything about what Lola was born with or what she looked like prior to the breast augmentation she chose to have. Some women were born with beautiful faces and figures but “Mother Nature” gave them fairly unattractive breasts by the world’s basic beauty standards. One really needs a proper before and after photo before making that kind of careless comment. And I do think of the comment as careless given that we are talking about a gorgeous professional model that most folks enjoy seeing, not some giant breasted medical experiment from a San Francisco nightclub.

  5. Your point is well taken Adam – Lola’s augmentation is certainly not extreme by any stretch of the imagination. And you are right – so many people here say they “wish she’d never had breast surgery”, usually without knowing what the model’s breasts looked like pre-surgery. The ‘anti-surgery brigade’ seems to be a very vocal minority that does not represent what the majoroty of people think: I’m sure a man in your position knows very well that breast augmentation usually benefits a glamour model’s career, often considerably.

  6. Not only models benefit from modern plastic surgery techniques. Where I live, there is quite a bit of natural child birth happening followed by plenty of breast feeding. (: Not me personally but it’s a strong part of the local culture 🙂 , The results are often devastating on the Mother’s breasts leaving them sagging like old coffee bags. How I wish some of these beautiful women could afford to just pop in and have a breast tune-up. I wish Knarf would see some of these women, post child birth. Then maybe he would not be such a fan of Mother Nature.

  7. I just dont like the way implants feel. Not once (of the more than two times, dudes) have I felt an implanted chick have I enjoyed them as much as a perky pair of natural boobies. It just doesnt appeal to me. I will definately look at em – I will even play with em, but I dont want em around for too long.

    These pictures are just to lust over so if the job is good enough to suspend disbelief, I am a happy camper. Its a call to all the doctors to do a better job.

    Its a shame when a good looking girl gets them in our opinion, but if it makes them happy, its not my place to condemn them. And besides, if I was a chick, I would want a shiny pair myself. You go girls!


  8. Hello Redlaw,

    I think your comment, “Its a shame when a good looking girl gets them”, might make more sense to me if it read, it’s a shame when a good looking girl with nice natural breasts or even small but nicely shaped breasts goes for a big knarly boob job. Heck, I fought for months with an ex- girlfriend a long time ago about just this issue. She had Champagne glass sized boobs that I just loved on her athletic body and she wanted the giant power melons added on. I just don’t agree with making a blanket statement about all boob jobs being a mistake. You may have never seen a pretty gal from the neck up who looked like a Uganda tribal warrrior with long sagging tits that she could tie behind her neck, go in for a breast job upgrade and come out looking like a Victoria Secret model. That might change your mind about what you prefer to have in your hands if you were stuck with that choice. Hey, keep’m comin, I like this topic!

  9. I don’t know how people can complain over how she looks. She’s gorgeous. And her breasts look great. I seen plenty of chicks whose boob jobs don’t look half as good as hers.

    If a model wants to get a boob job, then who am I to say that she shouldn’t. It’s not like I am paying for them. I just hope that they get the surgery if they really need it, save the money and use a great doctor, don’t go overboard by getting super huge boobs, and to not ruin an already perfect pair of natural boobs.

    And I am a big fan of Pacific Beauty, keep up the great work.

  10. Adam, we agree. I would gladly pay to get my otherwise beautiful girl touched up, if she was unfairly marred by gravity, genetics, life, childbirth… whatevah.

    Sadly, most girls are usually in clothing. So with that in mind, I am all for the aesthetic improvements of implants and liposuction. But when it comes to be nude and actively engaged in adoring me, I would prefer to have them natural. A matter of taste on my part.

    I love all the images you post on your site and here. You have a great job.

    BTW – I just made a mental note to stay out of Uganda. 😉

  11. redalw, I agree the usual smooth, above the muscle saline implants feel wierd – like there’s a water bag inside the breast (which there is). But if you’d felt submuscular, rough silicones I’m sure you’d agree they feel great, and amazingly natural. But I assume you are in the US, where such implants are sadly still illegal.

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