Natasha Yi

Natasha Yi. Photo by Jean Paul Mann

Natasha Yi has become a regular in Playboy magazines, specials and videos, in various magazines from the automotive import scene and in movies. She is the covergirl on Kim Mizuno’s East West 2005 Wall Calendar. On her site you’ll find a nice pic of the week archive with lots of great photo’s. She also has a ‘new professional website’ on which she talks a bit more about her acting (like a lot af Asian models she was in Rush Hour 2), but if you click around you’ll find a gallery with model photo’s there also. shares some more background info on her. A Google search should get you plenty of images, but should get you started.

I think (on most photo’s) she looks like Sung Hi Lee, and since she is also Korean, that isn’t very strange. One of my favourites!

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  1. i think she is much better than sung hi lee, more pretty and more sexy and more exotic face, ahhhhhhhhh natasha, i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Lee, what recent shots of Natasha? I saw her at a recent Hot Import Nights this year and thought she was looking a bit too thin for my tastes. She is another import model without implants (at least it looks that way).

  3. That’s what I’m talking about. I thought she could sometimes be a little chubby before (but never too much), but now I think she really looks great! I like small waists (hence my love of Jun), and especially concave stomachs (like Sachiko).

    And yes, Natasha looks all natural to me too, but I don’t really consider her an import model – more a Playboy model.

  4. Well, she is listed as on tour with Hot Import Nights so thats why I call her an import model. When was the last time she was featured in Playboy?

  5. How do you know? If true I guess this is an example of why these days I often assume a model isn’t natural: I don’t think there’s ever been a model who I thought was fake that actually was natural, but there have been many models who I thought were natural that were in fact fake.

  6. That’s really great inside info – thanks fry!

    It seems she wanted to reproduce her tits as they were before she lost weight, and it looks like her surgeon did a great job. I think she looks really great now: trim and taut yet still very curvy.

  7. She is gorgeous. But I have to say that Sung Hi Lee still rules me.

    Natasha has a subtle way of posing, while Sung Hi Lee has this demanding presence with her eyes.

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