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Naomi Cheung

Naomi Cheung (ethnicity: Chinese) seems to be an upcoming model. She is mentioned on quite a few model sites and has her own website. She doesn’t give much away there (you will have to pay for hi-res images), but there still is enough to see. And of course she has her own space at

Want to know more about her? Read an ‘in-depth’ interview at or a short interview (with some good photo’s!) here.

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  1. Naomi is clearly one of the most successful models on the net right now, and I’d be very intrigued to know more about how she’s achieved this. badboy, do you know?

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say! There are some people who like models that look more like normal women. Beyond that, I think there are several factors for Naomi Cheung’s popularity. She and/or her webmaster are excellent at promoting her and her website (much like KT So). Naomi straddles the boundaries of non-nude and nude by showing off her pubic hair (and to maximize the effect she doesn’t shave it off or do the landing strip style) yet not her nipples or anything else “pink” from the chest down. I think that some folks like being teased and are hoping that she eventually does full nude (she has done topless and full nude photoshoots but they have been censored on her site). I think another factor is that people believe that it is really Naomi representing her website rather than a webmaster pretending to be Naomi and they like the personal nature (and her personality). Last but not least, Naomi does some creative photos like these pictured in this free thumbnail gallery

  3. Thanks badboy – the parallel with KT So didn’t escape me either. I’d really love to know all their webmasters’ tricks, although in the case of KT’s site it seems a lot of it amounts to intrusive advertsing (banners, popups etc.), which I’m not prepared to use on Sachiko’s site.

  4. Having had an email exchange with Naomi recently I can definitely confirm that she is very responsive and professional, so that clearly is one reason for her success! Anyway, as she’s accepted my invitation to join Asian Sirens perhaps she can tell us a little about how she’s gotten to where she is herself.

  5. Hello Lee,
    After exchanging emails with you I have to say your very nice and professional that just make me happy ^_^

    I wish i can say i’m a SUCCESS but i really do not think so. These is so much that i can promote and persent myself better.

    I do research on websites and traffic sites like crazy! I am online many hours to check out other models and website. Lots of stuff i copy off of other models or webmaster. Now i have a few people copying off of me…. hey they should give me credit! jk

    Its all about look and learn and try them out and use them.

    ^_^ YUP!

    And, you know I would like to know what do you all think about webmaster and how to promote better 🙂

    Learn me now masters ^_^ *BOWS*

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