Nancy Tyler Le

Nancy Tyler Le

To be honest, I had never heard of Nancy Tyle Le (or Nancie Tyler Lee) but I found her Playboy (?) spread at Who knows more about her?

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  1. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m wondering about her ethnicity…

    Marco, it seems you are back at it again! (Business going slow at the moment? ;-))

  2. What a great collection of Kristin Kreuk pics! This is the first time I’ve seen her lovely trim and taut stomach – this girl is so gorgeous it’s almost painful! Going to have to add this link to my article – thanks Marco!

  3. Business is going great; just had a few days off work. And, even more important, it was weekend and both my g/f and children were out of town 😉

  4. Whatever Mary-Jane is, she has great tits! They might even be natural too, although I suspect it is actually a very good boob job – I’d need to see more to be sure.

    I agree Nancy looks like she could have Vietnamese blood, but the Vietnamese version of ‘Lee’ is spelt with only one e, i.e. Le.

  5. Dr. Lee your right i believe in the PB verisoni have its spelled with LE..and her boobs are fake…

  6. Thanks jimmerz, that explains why I couldn’t find more info on her. Just updated the title!

    Just figured out that Nancy has been Playboy’s July 2003 Cyber Girl of the Month.

  7. Love the site guys! I’m just curious about how photographers and models can make any money with all the pictures flying around the Internet.

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